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Judi Bari, Center, Walks with Support of Two Friends (1994). photo: Orin Langelle


On the anniversary of the 1990 car bombing and attempted frame up of activist Judi Bari, Global Justice Ecology Project co-founder, consultant and photographer Orin Langelle shared insights and reflections of meeting Bari and covering her story.

From photolangelle.org:

Both Judi and Darryl were prominent Earth First! organizers. Judi gained notoriety in California for bringing environmentalists and loggers together, pointing out that the real enemy was industry (capitalism) that was exploiting both the workers and the environment for profit. In the weeks following the bombing, industry and the government would attempt to employ a divide and conquer strategy and drive a wedge between environmentalists and workers by spreading disinformation to the public that Bari and Cherney were “terrorists.”

The post also features an audio interview with Bari that includes an a cappella lullaby performance.

Bari died of breast cancer in 1997. A documentary on the bombing, Who Bombed Judi Bari?, was produced by Cherney in 2012, who also shared it with the public on YouTube in 2017:

From the Who Bombed Judi Bari? YouTube:

The Martin Luther King of the Redwoods, Judi Bari was an Earth First!er, AFL-CIO and IWW labor organizer, radical feminist, world class orator, author of Timber Wars, fiddler and songwriter, fundraiser, mother of two girls and a force of nature. See why she was car bombed and arrested by the FBI and Oakland Police for the deed done against her. Then learn how to save the forests, forge alliances and beat the feds. Foreign subtitles coming soon. Produced by her organizing partner and fellow car-bomb victim and litigant, Darryl Cherney. Directed and edited by Mary Liz Thomson. You can learn more and purchase DVD’s, t-shirts and bumper stickers here: http://whobombedjudibari.com/