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Photo Caption: Elders in Amador Hernandez, Chiapas, Mexico.  Photo: Langelle/GJEP-GFC

Key Arguments Against REDD fact sheet

REDD, la brecha lacandona y nuevas formas de despojo (La Jornada, 23 April, 2011)

A Broken Bridge to the Jungle: The California-Chiapas Climate Agreement Opens Old Wounds: Report Back from Journalistic Assignment in Chiapas, Mexico (April 2011)

Interview with Santiago Martinez of Amador Hernandez, Chiapas: “If I go around selling someone else’s home out from under him, well, he’s going to get angry” (April 2011)

Global Warming Bill Outsources Solutions, Putting the Burden on Poor Communities in California and Mexico (April 2011)

Apartheid Housing Posed as Solution to Climate Vulnerability in Chiapas: The “Sustainable Rural City” Project of Santiago el Pinar Article with photo essay (May 2011)

New Ruling Puts California Cap and Trade on Permanent Hold: Implications Unclear for Chiapas REDD Program (May 2011)

Why Market-Based Solutions to Climate Change Can Cause More Harm Than Good: A leading environmental activist from Chiapas talks about the threats faced by biofuel plantations, carbon offset programs and more (June 2011)

Outsourcing Global Warming Solutions (June 2011)

Turning the Lacandon Jungle Over to the Carbon Market (July 2011)

Forest Policy Fails to Address the Underlying Causes of Deforestation and Degradation(published by Global Forest Coalition)

Why REDD is Wrong fact sheet

Chiapas, Mexico: From Living in the jungle to ‘existing’ in “little houses made of ticky-tacky…” (photo essay published on Climate Connections blog)

Chiapas: REDD Alert–Urgent Action Needed (Published on Climate Connections blog)

Behind the Curtains of the California-Chiapas Climate Agreement

Declaration of Patihuitz: Divided We Become Allies of the Government (Published on Climate Connections blog)

Communique from the communities of the Amador Hernandez region, Montes Azules, Lacandon Jungle (Published on Climate Connections blog)

Do Trees Grow on Money: A UN-Backed Plan to Address Climate Change by Slowing Deforestation Sounds Like a Good Idea. Unless You Live in the Forest. (published in Earth Island Journal, Autumn 2011)

Jeff Conant on KPFA’s Against the Grain Today (live and posted on Climate Connections)

Message from Brazil: Occupy Wall Street (published in Climate Connections blog)

Photo Essay and Article: The Rubber Tappers of Sao Bernardo, Brazil: Struggling Still in the Memory of Chico Mendes (published on Climate Connections blog)

“Cap and Trade Will Fail”: An Interview with Alegria de la Cruz of the Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment, (published on Climate Connections blog)

What Will Save our Forests? (published in Earth Island Journal, December, 2011)

A Darker Shade of Green: REDD Alert and the Future of Forests new video by Global Justice Ecology Project and Global Forest Coalition offers the Indigenous critique of REDD.

DVD 3 minute video trailer link: http://wp.me/pDT6U-3uP

DVD full 28 minute video link: http://wp.me/pDT6U-3xX