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Amnesty International on 30×30: “Indigenous peoples and local communities experience violence and forced eviction in the context of protected areas on a massive scale”

Amnesty International denounces “30×30” proposal over Human Rights Abuses in so-called Protected Areas

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Excerpt from the post:

Protected areas and human rights abuses

Amnesty International has documented large-scale human rights violations in Cambodia, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania, and Uganda. These include forced evictions, destruction of cultural practices, arbitrary arrests of protesting community members, denial of the right to livelihoods, health and eduction, and failure to obtain free, prior and informed consent.

Earlier this year, Minority Rights Group put out a report documenting a three-year campaign of violent forced evictions of the Indigenous Batwa of Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Amnesty International on 30x30

Fortress conservation has “not only resulted in catastrophic impoverishment, but has meant that the unique identity, culture and language of affected Indigenous peoples may disappear altogether”, Amnesty International writes.

Read the entire post here