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Via Vermont Right to Know GMO:

Please take a minute and edit the message below asking President Obama to reject the Roberts-Stabenow bill which would eliminate Vermont’s labeling law and establish a sham labeling standard. The proposal is a thinly veiled attempt to keep consumers in the dark about what’s in their food while claiming to avoid a “patchwork” of state labeling laws that actually does not exist.

This legislation has a number of significant flaws, and is nothing short of an industry giveaway. This bill will leave a significant number of products unlabeled due to a definition of “bioengineered food” that even the FDA has called in to question. Companies will also be able to opt out of on package labeling by using “QR” codes that will be unreadable by approximately half of rural and low income Americans without smartphones. Beyond all of this, there are no penalties for lack of compliance, and no authority to recall products that are not properly labeled.

For these and other reasons, this legislation is opposed by the Vermont Right to Know GMOs coalition, Senator Leahy, Senator Sanders, Representative Welch, Governor Shumlin, and consumer and environmental protection groups around the country.

Please take a minute to edit the message linked here asking President Obama to veto the Stabenow Roberts bill.