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November 10, 2014

In this article for the Great Lakes Echo, published November 7 2013, Heather Hartmann reports on a study that showed genetically engineering poplars for biofuel production does not affect the insect resistance of poplars. One a whole, Hartmann presents a very positive view of GE poplars.

Some critics think if the lignin is meddled with, the plant will be more susceptible to insects and disease, said Meilan [Rick Meilan, associate professor at the University of Purdue]. Government regulators are afraid the trees in his study will breed and let their tampered genes get out. Then they would breed with other trees and ruin the gene pool.


“So what we’re doing is trying to make it easier to extract the lignin without screwing up the plant,” he said.

Not sure how that answers the question.

As the research into GE trees marches on, the Campaign to STOP Genetically Engineered Trees grows stronger. Please sign the petition demanding a ban on the release of socially and ecologically destructive GE trees, and help us prevent this disaster before it starts.