Photo of the Week – My Lai Massacre (16 March 1968)

Protester at the 1972 Republican National Convention

Protester at the 1972 Republican National Convention held in Miami Beach, FL (1972) The US was accused of many war crimes in Vietnam including the My Lai Massacre where a platoon of US soldiers killed as many as 500 unarmed civilians in 1968. Photo: Orin Langelle

My Lai Massacre   16 March 1968

The My Lai Massacre occurred during the Vietnam War in Indochina. US soldiers from Charlie Company were responsible for murdering 504 Vietnamese men, women and children. Twenty-five US Army officers were charged with complicity in the massacre and cover-up. Only one was convicted and was later pardoned by President Richard Nixon.

To see more photographs from Langelle’s Photo Essay go to: Protests at the Republican National Convention. The essay was also featured by Global Justice Ecology Project on the 50th anniversary of the protests.

This year Global Justice Ecology Project is celebrating our 20th Anniversary.  As part of this year-long celebration, we will be posting photos by co-founder Orin Langelle, Director of Langelle Photography, documenting different aspects and achievements of GJEP over those 20 years, as well as photos from events and activities beginning 30 years ago in 1993 that led to the formation of Global Justice Ecology Project ten years later.