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A new blog post by Marcia Ishii-Eiteman of Pesticide Action Network takes a critical stance on President Barack Obama’s lack of focus on reining in the power  of corporate agribusinesses like Monsanto.

Last year, the White House released a memo indicating a need for input in updating regulations on biotechnology, which were last revised in 1986. Ishii-Eiteman has plenty of input to offer regarding GE crops and herbicide usage.

But since you asked, Mr. President, our frank assessment is that the so-called “Coordinated Framework” for biotech regulations is not working. Put simply, USDA, EPA and FDA have failed to protect the public from harm.

Aided by USDA’s consistent refusal to regulate herbicide-resistant GE seeds, the unchecked expansion of GE crops has driven an increase of hundreds of millions of additional pounds of herbicides. Most of the increase comes in the form of Monsanto’s RoundUp, with an active ingredient (glyphosate) now classified as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization. This chemical is now ubiquitous in the air and water of our rural communities.

Read the entire blog post here.