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Soren Ambrose, Head of Policy at ActionAid International, recently had an opinion piece, titled “The World Has Reached Peak Plutocracy” on IPS News. 

Ambrose, a member of the Global Justice Ecology Project board since it’s inception and a good friend of the organization, explains that, “Plutocracy is a society or a system ruled and dominated by a small minority of the wealthiest. The rich have always been powerful; some element of plutocracy has been present in all societies.”

But the degree of control being exercised now; the number of the ultra-rich essentially buying political power; the nearly impossible persistence required to overcome the legal, public relations, and technical resources controlled by corporations and the richest individuals; the much denser concentration of wealth in even the largest countries; and the global nature of the resources, power, and connections being accumulated have combined to foreclose meaningful democratic options and space for a life independent of the materialistic values of the plutocracy.

Read the entire article here.