Via Food and Water Watch:

The Trump administration is putting energy industry special interests ahead of public health. Its latest awful proposal? Open up more of our coasts to offshore drilling, including Florida’s coasts.

The Department of the Interior is taking public comments on this plan until Thursday, August 17. Make sure they hear us loud and clear: Drilling off Florida’s coasts is too risky!

Tell the Department of the Interior: NO drilling off our coasts!

In 2006, a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf within 125 miles of Florida’s coast was put in place until 2022. But Trump wants to ignore the moratorium and open it up to Big Oil anyway, putting our environment and way of life at risk.

The BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010 wreaked havoc on the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers and spewing nearly 5 million barrels of oil over the course of 3 months. The spill caused massive wildlife die-offs, including the largest dolphin die-off ever recorded in the Gulf of Mexico.

The BP oil spill wrecked our economy in the Sunshine State: even south of the Panhandle, where the impacts were less severe, we lost 50,000 jobs as a result of the economic backlash from the spill. Simply put, tourists did not want to vacation near an oil spill. And in the Panhandle, where tarballs from the spill regularly washed ashore, the economic impacts were even greater.

Make it clear to the Trump administration: NO MORE gambling with Florida’s coasts!

This proposal is part of a larger plan to massively expand oil drilling across the country. Donald Trump recently authorized drilling to begin in the Arctic and has already given Eni, an Italian oil company, permission to drill exploratory wells off the coast of Alaska.

But there’s still hope we can put a wrench in Trump’s offshore drilling plans. A bipartisan and diverse coalition of environmental advocates, business leaders, elected officials and even military officials is calling on the administration to abandon any plans of drilling off Florida’s coasts. Drilling here would threaten our environment, our economy and our way of life here in the Sunshine State.

Take action to keep Florida’s coasts off the table!