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From our friends at GM Watch.  Yes, its true, at the same time that Brazil’s “biosafety” commission CTNBio approved the disaster of GE eucalyptus trees, they approved 2,4 D resistant soy and cotton.  Remember 2,4 D?  The active ingredient in Agent Orange–another wonder produced by Monsanto.  Biosafety must have a different meaning at the Brazilian government…

 Brazil approves GM eucalyptus trees and 2,4-D-tolerant soy and corn

Concerns mount about GM eucalyptus pollen in Brazilian honey

Brazil’s National Technical Commission on Biotechnology (CTNBio) approved the commercial production of GM eucalyptus trees at a meeting today (9 April). Corn and soybeans tolerant to 2,4-D herbicide were also approved.

The GM eucalyptus was developed by FuturaGene Brazil to be faster-growing. At the CTNBio meeting in Brasilia, there were 18 votes in favour and 3 against.

One member of CTNBio who opposes the GM eucalyptus release is the researcher at the Higher School of Agriculture (Escola Superior de Agricultura, ESALQ/USP), Paulo Kageyama. According to him, even given the reduced growing cycle from 7 to 5 years, the GM variety will consume more water from the soil, aggravating the water crisis.

Kageyama says that even non-GMO eucalyptus wastes water.

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