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1st Edition: International Newsletter of the Campaign to STOP GE Trees

The Campaign to STOP GE Trees has an International Newsletter!

September 21, 2023

Genetically engineered (GE, or genetically modified) trees pose serious environmental risks yet research on genetically engineering trees continues. While very few GE trees have been approved for commercial release globally, the regulatory landscape is changing quickly. Now is the time to act to stop GE trees before they alter forest ecosystems permanently.

This newsletter will be an informative forum for updates and action to stop the release of GE trees around the world. Please help spread the word by signing up to our newsletter and sharing it with your networks.

In this Edition: 

September 21st: International Day of Action against Industrial Tree Plantations

Hot off the Press: Recent publications on GE trees from around the world


September 21st : Take Action against Industrial Tree Plantations!



The International Campaign to STOP GE Trees is standing in solidarity with our allies for the International Day of Action against Industrial Tree Plantations on the 21st of September, 2023..Join us to take action on this important day as we stand up for communities, forests and biodiversity being destroyed by the rapid expansion of industrial tree plantations globally.

While in Brazil this spring we heard testimonies from Indigenous and local communities about the devastating social and ecological impacts of these plantations, and discussed how GE eucalyptus plantations would dramatically worsen these impacts.

We compiled their demands and submitted them to several government officials in Brazil, aiming to stop the environmental degradation and human rights abuses committed by Suzano, one of the world’s largest pulp and paper companies, and other companies expanding the plantations. You can visit our website to read the demands and learn more about our trip to Brazil.

For the September 21st Day of Action we’ve placed these demands into a letter and encourage you to sign your name* and join Indigenous and local communities in their fight to protect their lands and our environment!

*We are using Google forms for this sign on. If you would like to add your name without using Google forms, please email he*****@gl******************.org with your name, email, organization (if applicable), Country, City, and any comments you may have (only your name and email are required, the additional information is optional).


Hot off the Press!

In Mato Grosso do Sul, much of the native Cerrado forest has been converted to eucalyptus plantation in the past decade by Suzano. Photo: Orin Langelle


Profit Trumps People and Planet in Brazil’s Eucalyptus Industry – by Steve Taylor and Orin Langelle, Independent Media Institute

Danger due to expansion of transgenic trees: Brazil hosted an international meeting to stop their spread  – Nicolás Salazar Maleras, Resumen (Nicolás was part of the delegation that visited Brazil in the spring. The article, originally appearing in Spanish, can be translated using the translation option in the Google Chrome web browser).

A Transgenic American Chestnut Tree is Coming. Who Is It For? – by Maya Kapoor, co-published by Native News Network and Grist


Thank you for reading our newsletter!

If you are working to stop GE trees in your region and have information or actions to promote, or have questions or ideas about the newsletter, please reach out to us at heather @ globaljusticeecology.org.

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