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September 5, 2013

Maureen Nandini Mitra is managing editor of Earth Island Journal. In the Autumn 2013 issue Mitra covered GJEP’s protest of the Tree Biotech 2013 conference in May.

As convention participants sat in the four-star hotel’s conference rooms discussing how genetically engineered (GE) trees could meet the growing demand for “sustainable, renewable sources of biomass, in the face of climate change,” several hundred demonstrators gathered on the streets outside in one of the largest protests ever organized against genetically engineered trees. Anne Petermann, coordinator of the “Campaign to STOP GE Trees,” says their message to the tree biotech industry and its investors was simple: Expect resistance.

Mitra goes on to do a fairly comprehensive account of the fight, including quotes by Anne Petermann, George Kimbrell and Marti Crouch. While we don’t agree with the conclusion that “it’s still too early to pass a verdict on GE trees,” coverage of the issue is important and appreciated.

See our press release from the event here.