Via Food and Water Watch:

While the bold resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline continues in North Dakota, a backroom deal has been brokered to make Big Oil and Gas even stronger. Enbridge — a major backer of the pipeline — and Spectra are set to merge, creating the largest oil and gas infrastructure company in North America.

Send a message to the Department of Justice to stop this mega-merger!

We’ve taken a deeper look at who’s behind the Dakota Access Pipeline and who would profit heavily from this terrible project. Take a look at the graphic below to see whose pocket books will be lined by this pipeline that would endanger major water sources and would cut right through sacred indigenous lands.

Enbridge, along with Phillips 66, Energy Transfer Partners, Sunco Logistics and Marathon, are behind-the-scenes of the Bakken Pipeline — which includes the Dakota Access Pipeline — and are banking on a massive payoff at the community’s expense. At $1.5 billion, Enbridge acquired the largest ownership stake.¹

An Enbridge-Spectra merger not only creates a mega-corporation, but also increases the power of Big Oil and Gas and emboldens them to continue to build the Dakota Access Pipeline over the objections of Native American water protectors. Beyond this project, they will continue to build out other pipeline and oil and gas export projects to maximize production, all at the expense of targeted communities and our climate. Send a message to block the oil and gas industry from consolidating and running rampant in our communities.

Dirty fossil fuel projects endanger our communities, and we have to look no further than Enbridge and Spectra to see how these corporations are harming us and destroying our environment. In 2010, Enbridge sent thousands of barrels of oil into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, and it was Spectra’s pipeline that exploded in Pennsylvania earlier this year, severely burning a person.

A merger of these companies would increase Big Oil and Gas’ power to control the energy market, grow their ability to influence government regulations and allow them to build more projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline. Take action with Food & Water Action Fund to block this merger from going any further!

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Attorney General Loretta Lynch have the power to block this merger from going forward, but they need to hear from us.

Urge the DOJ and Attorney General Lynch to block this merger from going forward!

The Enbridge-Spectra merger strengthen’s Big Oil and Gas’ ability to keep us tied to a dirty fossil fuel past. We can only move forward toward a clean energy revolution if we stop the oil and gas industry in its tracks. Send a message today to stop this disastrous merger.