Wally Menne

(in memoriam)
Timberwatch Coalition
Project Coordinator

Menne is project coordinator for Timberwatch, an organization that monitors the impacts of the timber industry. As a specialist consultant at the Indigenous Plant Network (Plantnet), Menne also gives advice on the use and availability of South African native/indigenous plants for landscaping and habitat restoration. Through this work, his goal is to facilitate useful and profitable contact between stakeholders such as horticultural/botanical students, plant nurseries, landscapers, and native/indigenous plant gardening enthusiasts.

Areas of Expertise:
Ecological impacts of monocultures, in particular of timber plantations, on forests and grasslands; the socio-economic implications of large-scale land-use conversion to timber/pulpwood/agrofuel crop production; the inherent un-workability and dishonesty of carbon (REDD+ and CDM) trading and biodiversity offsets (land exchanges); and natural vegetation/landscape restoration, through the propagation and cultivation of locally indigenous plants

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