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Dr. Blessing Karumbidza

BlessingResearcher and Rural Development Consultant

Born in Zimbabwe to migrant parentage (from Mozambique and Malawi), Blessing is an Africanist committed to the Unification of Africa and its resources under a federal system and to economic programs and projects that will help create the foundation of such a system.

As an academic, he has taught economic history and development sociology (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban) and researches in the area of rural development and agrarian economics. At Jonoka Research and Development Solutions (JRDS), a social development consultancy outfit, he is involved in consultancy research for clients including Development Agencies, NGOs, and local government (municipalities), as well as provincial and national government departments. To date, he has been involved in work around land and agrarian reform; social development policy and evaluation; local economic development; rural development; youth and women empowerment programs; and the social, cultural, and environmental impacts of development projects on rural communities. As a public intellectual, Blessing has spots on a number of Community Radio initiatives and writes op-ed articles in regional newspapers based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Areas of Expertise:
Integrated rural development, poverty alleviation strategies, development communication and participation in remote communities and among poor communities

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