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Media Advisory                                                                                 16 April 2010Grassroots Organizers and Activists, Indigenous Peoples, Communities in Resistance Available for Interviews During the Peoples’ Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia (19-22 April)

San Francisco, CA-People from around the world will attend the Peoples’ Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia [1] next week as a follow up to the failed UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen, Denmark last December.

Social movements will converge in Bolivia to rally opposition to the push by the world’s leading carbon emitters to promote unjust and false solutions to climate change such as carbon offsets, and to make a collective push for stricter binding carbon reductions, reparations for industrial-driven environmental destruction, and a human rights approach to climate policies.

From North America the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance-Indigenous Environmental Network delegation is attending with the aim of amplifying the perspectives of frontline communities resisting the impacts of climate change. Global Justice Ecology Project is providing a media support role for this delegation and for Indigenous Peoples and other representatives from the Global South to link reporters and media outlets in Bolivia and internationally with the voices of representatives of communities impacted by and in resistance to climate change, fossil fuels and false solutions to climate change. [2]
To facilitate this, Jeff Conant, an award-winning journalist, will be on site as a media liaison in Cochabamba to connect reporters and media outlets with key spokespeople including Indigenous Peoples, community organizers and grassroots activists. [3]
Conant <jeff.otherworlds@gmail.com> will be on site in Cochabamba starting on 17 April.  He is in transit today and will have a Bolivian mobile phone number, which we will send out as soon as possible.
Conant also will be posting to the Climate Connections blog:  climatevoices.wordpress.com
For now, and in case of Bolivian technical problems, please contact:
Jen Soriano, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance +1.415.572.7154 <jen@ggjalliance.org>
Hallie Boas, Global Justice Ecology Project +1.415.336.6590  <hallie@globaljusticeecology.org>
Notes:[1] At the end of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark last year, President Evo Morales issued a call for this conference. Unlike the UN conference, where industrialized countries controlled the dialogue, in Cochabamba the countries and communities most impacted by climate change will take the lead. With the failure of COP-15, and with the approach of the end of the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol (which the US never ratified) in 2012, the leadership of these communities will become critical in determining our future and the future of climate architecture.

[2] Organizations:
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance   www.ggjalliance.org
Indigenous Environmental Network   www.ienearth.org
Global Justice Ecology Project   www.globaljusticeecology.org

[3] Jeff Conant is an internationally known journalist and a recipient of the 2010 Project Censored Award for exposing the World Water Forum as a corporate-driven fraud.