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ckutlogoThe following live interview occurred Wednesday 10 August with host Stefan Christoff of Free City Radio on CKUT 90.3FM for an in-studio discussion with visiting researchers / artists / activists from the Global Justice Ecology Project (here for parallel events to the Forum social mondial 2016 World Social Forum-Canada).

Anne Petermann and Orin Langelle from the Global Justice Ecology Project outline critiques on the corporate influence over the UN process surrounding climate change, looking specifically at carbon trading and genetically modified trees as examples of the way that corporate oriented “solutions” to climate change are not addressing the roots of the climate crisis as rooted in capitalism.

In this exchange we also hear critiques of Liberal politicians in Canada and Democratic politicians in the US who speak to climate change but do little to fundamentally address the actual crisis and the foundational influence that the corporate sector sustains in creating the conditions for climate change.

Orin also speaks about a current photography exhibition at the ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery in Buffalo New York that outlines protests against both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in the US dating back to 1972.

info on Orin’s photography at : photolangelle.org

info on the Global Justice Ecology Project : globaljusticeecology.org

this program includes music by Amir Amiri @amiramiri and The Loop Pilots a project via Lou Piensa @lou-piensa & Dr. Mad @docmad feat. on this track @spirodon on piano, who is also the producer of Free City Radio, info freecityradio.org