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This week’s Earth Watch guest on the Sojourner Truth Radio Show was Lyn Goldfarb, an award-winning independent filmmaker with 19 documentaries broadcast on PBS and major cable. Goldfarb is producing Amazonia Lot 1-AB with director/producer Nicole Karsin. Goldfarb’s films have screened at festivals ranging from the Los Angeles Film Festival; Nosotros American Latino Film Festival, the Pan African Film Festival and the March on Washington Film Festival. She taught documentary workshops in Burundi and Myanmar as part of the American Film Showcase.  

Synopsis on Amazonia Lot 1-AB:

Dark secrets of poisoned waters in the remote Peruvian Amazon are revealed in this documentary political thriller when indigenous communities take on Big Oil in California Federal Court. Declassified CIA wires divulge the covert history of an American oil tycoon/ Soviet operative who panders to politicians and makes billions while decimating indigenous peoples and the environment. As oil extraction wreaks havoc on sacred Achuar lands, visionary leader Apu Tomas Maynas spearheads a non-violent campaign to protect the Achuar people’s territory and very their survival. Lot 1-AB, the tribal rainforest-turned-oilfield, becomes the epicenter of an ongoing battle that pits the power of corporations in collusion with governments against the rising voices of native peoples.

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