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Image courtesy of The Intercept


This week’s Earth Watch guest on KPFK-FM’s Sojourner Truth Radio Show was Carol Van Strum, activist, organizer and writer behind the “Poison Papers”.

The “Poison Papers” are recently unveiled documents include “more than 100,000 pages of documents obtained through legal discovery in lawsuits against Dow, Monsanto, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Forest Service, the Air Force, and pulp and paper companies, among others.”

The Sojourner Truth Radio Show airs every week on KPFK-FM in Los Angeles and around the world online.

“The entire pesticide industry could not exist without lies, without cover up and without government enablers. The government has accepted fraudulent, non-existent and invalid data supporting the registration of pesticides, all the while dismissing the reports of people on the ground who are effected by it,” Van Strum said. 

Listen to the full interview above.