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This week’s Earth Watch guest is Arley Diaz of FANG Collective. FANG Collective recently began the AMOR project, which includes a hotline for people detaining or being harassed by ICE.
Diaz is originally from Tongva land in so-called Los Angeles, but has lived in Mashapaug Nahagansett and Pokanoket Territory in so-called Providence, Rhode Island for the past 5 years. Due to her parents’ Central American roots (Salvi and Nica), she is dedicated to immigration rights and justice, and works on breaking down respectability and anti-Blackness in her Latinx community.
Arley was formerly involved in campaigns to support undocumented students and is now the lead organizer for the Alliance to Mobilize the Resistance (AMOR), where she is responsible for training people to respond to community needs for the larger goal of building community resistance. Diaz also works with The FANG Collective in their work to prevent environmental racism, support indigenous sovereignty, and employ nonviolent direct action for social justice movements.

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