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Clayton Thomas Muller is a member of the Board of Directors of Global Justice Ecology Project.  This holiday weekend, watch this powerful trailer for a video on the realities faced by Indigenous Peoples on this continent.  It is produced by Clayton who is seeking support to finish the project.


Colonialism has a new face. Replacing manifest destiny and the papal bulls are neo-liberal capitalism and globalization, which are headed up by the most powerful entities on the planet: fossil fuel corporations.

Throughout my entire life I have always felt the pull of Creator. I have known since I was a young child that I was destined to do something that was bigger than me. In my adult life I began a journey to meaningfully and intentionally address the trauma in my life associated with being part of the first generation to not go to an Indian residential school.

This project is part of my process to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder, or intergenerational residential school syndrome, manifested in the violence I experienced directly and existentially from the colonization and displacement of my peoples from our sacred lands.

Life in the City of Dirty Water is a transmedia project—telling a story across multiple platforms. Most importantly, this project is an expression of decolonization and healing. Think of it as a survival guide to the urban Indigenous person. My team and I are in the process of creating:

  • A book
  • A hip hop mixtape
  • A series of podcasts
  •  A photo story
  • A documentary short

We need your financial support to bring the project to completion, to share it with peoples across Mother Earth who will benefit from these stories. Please join us and donate generously.

Ki Na Na Skomitin, In Great Thanks


Ekosani Maha,

Clayton Thomas-Müller
#LCDW #Pegcity #Decolonize


Learn more about the project at www.lifeinthecityofdirtywater.com.