KPFK Interviews Alejandra Parra on Chile Protests & Global Environmental Justice

Alejandra Parra of RADA (The Environmental Rights Action Network). Photo: Orin Langelle

The climate bloc began at the metro stop La Moneda in front of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores. Photo: Orin Langelle

An interview conducted by Terra Verde host Gary Hughes with Alejandra Parra of RADA (The Environmental Rights Action Network) based in Temuco, Chile. Parra discusses her organization’s work to stop a waste-to-energy incinerator as well as the general situation in Chile in contrast to what is happening in Madrid.

In particular, she contrasts how youth are being uplifted and celebrated in Madrid while in Chile (in Temuco) the National Police raided the public university last Wednesday over a protest by the students against the police violence targeting street medics.