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Activists from theKlimax Copenhagen based climate activist group KlimaX climbed onto the front of the conference site Bella Centret and threw out banners. The site is symbolic in the way that its the actual site of the COP15 summit exactly one year from now.

“We need a humane solution to the climate crisis.” Says Sini Østergaard from KlimaX “We cannot stand by and watch while the rich countries buy CO2 quotas from the poor countries. We have take action now.”

The activists brought banners, music, cookies and tea while the security people and diplomats attending a conference watched the fun.

“The clock is ticking and time has run out. It is now we have to face the consequences of our over-consumption in the west.” says Thor from KlimaX.

The police arrived but didn’t bother anyone. The activists promises that they’ll continue their actions in the run-up to and under the climate summit. Already other actions are brewing for the immediate future.

Danish article with pictures