Notice for the Forests and Climate Public Hearing


This is YOUR opportunity to speak up for mature and old-growth forests!




Raise Your Voice (July 13, 2023 7pm Eastern/6pm Central)

Join in virtually on July 13th, 2023 7pm Eastern/6pm Central for an opportunity to raise your voice in defense of mature and old-growth forests in the eastern US and around the nation! We’re teaming up with organizations from across the eastern US to gather testimony for the Forest Service to ensure new national rules protect mature and old-growth forests on federal public lands from logging. Let’s speak out together to keep our public forests standing!

On July 13th, we want to collect passionate arguments and emotional stories of how much our National Forests, and in particular mature and old-growth forests, mean to easterners. Standing Trees (one of our Fiscal Sponsor Programs) will transcribe all of the comments and submit them to the Forest Service by the July 20th comment deadline.


What is Happening?

As the Forest Service proceeds with plans to log more than 370,000 acres of mature and old-growth forests on federal public lands, the Biden Administration is asking the public to weigh in on how the agencies can better manage our forests. These announcements mark an historic opportunity to ensure federal mature and old-growth forests are able to remain standing for future generations, yet the Forest Service isn’t holding a single public hearing. So we’re teaming up with partners across the East to hold our own hearing!

Whether you are concerned with protecting mature and old-growth forests because of climate change, biodiversity, clean water, recreation opportunities, future generations or all of the above, your voice matters in this process – and the agencies need to hear it.


Why a Virtual Hearing?

The Forest Service is collecting comments through July 20th regarding how to improve forest adaptation and resilience in the face of climate change (among other things). It’s the best opportunity in years to send a loud and clear message to the Forest Service that its logging practices must change. 

This virtual field hearing serves as a rallying cry and a chance to listen to and speak out alongside other activists, environmental experts, and community leaders from around the eastern US. We hope you’ll take the virtual stage to share personal experiences, scientific insights, and heart-felt calls to protect and recover mature and old-growth forests.


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