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Global Justice Ecology Project is co-convening The Resurgence: 2019 North American Forest & Climate Movement Convergence from October 11 to 14 in Southern Illinois near Carbondale  – that will culminate on Indigenous Peoples’ Day.  It is less than one month away!  If you have been thinking about it, now is the time to register!

This is an opportunity for different movements and networks to get together and talk seriously about urgent transformational strategies. This is not a conference, it is a convergence. It is a call to action to radically transform the economic and political systems that drive climate change, forest destruction, exploitation, oppression & the commodification of life.” 

Communities and the Earth are under attack. Governments, corporations and elites in North America are collaborating with others to consolidate power, profit and control on a global scale. Their actions are driving climate change, causing mass-extinction of species, devastating communities, and threatening whole peoples and the entire biosphere.

It has never been more critical to build a broad, united movement that can resist this wholesale war against the Earth and humanity.  We need participation by people and organizations that bring key pieces to this effort.

If you and/or your organization have a piece of this puzzle, if you believe this radical tranformation of economic, political and social systems is absolutely essential, then join us!

We need your help to ensure the convergence succeeds in its objective of diving deeply into outside-the-box strategies aimed at addressing the root causes of the global crises facing humanity and the Earth–and with the goal of emerging with concrete outcomes toward this fundamental systemic transformation.

Co-convenors of the Resurgence: 2019 North American Forest and Climate Movement Convergence include Global Justice Ecology Project, Indigenous Environmental Network and Shawnee Forest Defense!.

You can find more about the convergence, its call to action and its anti-capitalist guiding principles here:

Call to action: https://forestclimateconvergence.org/action

Guiding Principles: https://forestclimateconvergence.org/guiding-principles

The structure of the event: https://forestclimateconvergence.org/strategic-action-sessions

Register here: https://forestclimateconvergence.org/registration

Thank you for considering this invitation to join us in the making of a radical new history, for it has never been more critical.

To paraphrase Che Guevara – Be Realistic. Do the Impossible.

Check out the agenda here

For questions contact forestsclimate2019 (at) gmail (dot) com