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Note: Our allies at REDD-Monitor published this article with a link to a recent program by late night talk show comedian John Oliver that takes on the ludicrous notion that corporations can achieve “net zero” emissions using carbon offsets. Below is this article, as well as a link to a podcast interviewing GJEP Executive Director Anne Petermann in 2018 challenging forest carbon offset schemes, citing the same problems that Oliver raises in his hilarious skit.

Genetically engineered trees are now being developed expressly for use in various bogus forest carbon offset schemes. GJEP and our allies are tackling this for the ways it will exacerbate climate change by enabling corporations to avoid carbon emissions reductions.

Check out the John Oliver segment and the podcast interview below:

John Oliver: “We cannot offset our way out of climate change”

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By Chris Lang

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is now higher than every in human history. A recent UN-comissioned climate report was described as an “Atlas of human suffering”.

That’s how comedian John Oliver started his recent show about carbon offsets. “Luckily though,” Oliver says, “one group is here to fix it: giant corporations.”

Ear To The Pavement Podcast: Also check out the Ear to the Pavement Podcast interviewing GJEP ED Anne Petermann on the same issues back in 2018. The segment on forest carbon offsets and the REDD scheme starts at minute 7:50. You can also read GJEP’s report, the Green Shock Doctrine, mentioned in the podcast.