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As we gear up to counter industry’s misinformation campaign about genetically engineered trees (GE trees) and get the truth out about their destructive and dangerous nature, industry mouthpiece Patrick Moore handed us this gift – utterly discrediting himself for the entire world to see. Thanks to journalist Paul Moreira.

According to GMWatch founder and director, Jonathan Matthews:

[Almost] no attention has been given to the journalist who so brilliantly exposed the hollowness of Moore’s claims. I [Matthews] decided to put that right by interviewing him and finding out exactly how the Moore interview came about.


What Paul Moreira had to tell me puts Moore in an even worse light than the video that went viral. It also gives the lie to the distance the industry is now trying to create between itself and Moore.

Read GMWatch’s interview with Moreira about the episode with Moore that went viral on the internet, and why Moreira was ready with the glass!