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Graphic for COP25 looks to normalize highly irregular dynamic of Chile remaining as “president” of the meeting, even as human rights violations continue to occur from military and police violence being used to repress an increasingly volatile social movement against neoliberal policies in a country that has been celebrated as a case study in the supposed success of free market extractivist economies.

International Climate Justice Response to COP25 Relocation

Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice

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In response to the announcement by Sebastián Piñera to suspend COP25 summit in Chile, we as international civil society reaffirm our solidarity with the people of Chile who are rising against austerity and growing inequalities; we condemn the violent repression and human rights violations from the government and the military against peaceful protestors.

In the past few weeks, mass protests have taken to the streets of Chile in response to the disastrous neoliberal economic and social policies that have deepened inequalities and injustices as well environmental conflicts across the country. Although the protests were sparked by a hike in transport fares, it is clear that the discontent of the Chilean people has much deeper roots and is very much linked to the ecological emergency and the crisis of inequality.

In response to the uprising, President Piñera has unfurled a wave of violent repression, releasing the military onto the streets, installing a curfew under the now lifted state of emergency, and attacking, torturing, raping, and killing non-violent protesters. This horrific repression brings back memories of 11 September 1973, when the people’s democratically elected government was violently deposed, unleashing relentless neoliberal violence on the country ever since.

To read the full statement go to Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice