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Popular Resistance recently published a piece by Dahr Jamail titled, “In Arctic, Ancient Diseases Reanimate And Highways Melt”. The article, which was originally published by Truth Out, describes the changing conditions of the Arctic, which is rapidly heating up due to global warming.

From the article:

All is not well in the northlands.

This is because across today’s Alaska, temperature records are falling as fast as bird populations are plummeting.

July was the warmest month ever recorded in the state’s largest city, Anchorage. Temperatures from the southeastern portion of the state all the way up to the town of Deadhorse on the Arctic Ocean broke records; the airport at Deadhorse hit a stunning 85 degrees.

Rick Thoman, a climate science and services manager with the National Weather Service in Alaska, told the media that one of the drivers of the unusually warm temperatures across the state is abnormally warm sea surface temperatures, and added, “In the Bering Sea, especially south of St. Lawrence Island or so, they’re really outrageously warm compared to normal.”

Read the full article here.