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Manitoba megadam. Photo: Rita Monias/NAMRA

Carol Kobliski has lived with her family in Nisichawayasihk (Nelson House) her whole life. Carol is a survivor of the Churchill River Diversion project which has heavily impacted her family. As a child she lived on an island with five other families but was forced to relocate. She didn’t know what what was happening growing up, but as she got older, she was once again impacted by Manitoba Hydro, as her community was settling with Manitoba Hydro with the Northern Flood Agreements and then being impacted again with the Wuskwatim dam, when her community became 33% partners with Manitoba Hydro on the project. She remembers a quote her grandfather said to some elders back in the day….he said to them don’t ever trust “Manitoba Hydro”, they are going to destroy our land and way of living…..Carol was only 12 when she heard that, not knowing what he meant….but now she is seeing what he meant….”