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2015 was a busy year in our fight against the commercial release of genetically engineered (GE) Trees. From coordinating resistance on six continents against the commercial release of GE Trees in Brazil, presenting in venues across the Pacific Northwest, training activists in the Southeast and so much more, we worked hard to stop the menace of GE trees.
Join us in making 2016 even more effective, host a screening of Synthetic Forests!

From March 20-26, celebrate the first week of spring with us by hosting a screening of Synthetic Forests. Whether at a house, a local venue, your office or a movie theater, each screening will help us reach further to educate more folks about the dangers and threats of  GE Trees. To get involved, just send our GE Trees organizer Ruddy an e-mail and let her know you are interested in working on it.  Please provide as much detail as you can.

  • In what city/town would you show the movie?
  • At what type of venue?
  • On what date do you hope to show it?
  • Please provide us with a physical address where we can send promotional materials.
  • Is there local media where you would like have the event listed?  If so, let us know the names of the media outlets so we can help you with this.

Submit your info to ruddy@gjep2020.local.

Where is it showing? Interactive map of “Synthetic Forests” showing locations.

About the Film Synthetic Forests

Produced by Raindancer Media and Earthlinks Inc, this documentary features lead researchers, activists and impacted communities to demonstrate the unknowns and knowns of how GE Trees will devastate ecosystems, forest dependent communities and the climate. You can watch the 4 minute trailer of it, or preview the full 35 min version here at asilentforest.info.

Sophia Painiqueo and Winnie Overbeek speak in Synthetic Forests about the impacts Eucalyptus plantations already have made on communities. With GE trees, these impacts will only be exacerbated:

“The land is dry, we can not do agriculture and we can not raise animals because of the lack of water…. Because of the aerial spraying and spraying by hand to have healthy trees, the birds are harmed, the bees are harmed, and they die. The people with the small projects end up with nothing.”
Sophia Painiqueo
“They (herbicides) are used especially in the first years of the plantations because they only want trees. but these large scale plantations are only planted for export. All that is being produced is taken away. and the few people that work there it is very dangerous to work, it is very bad working conditions. Often it is about applying pesticides so they are getting contaminated, even if they use protective equipment nothing protects against 8 or more hours a day being in touch with pesticides, applying pesticides…”
Winnie Overbeek, World Rainforest Movement
When you sign up, within a week or two we will send you the promotional materials you need to advertise the event. In addition you will have links to organizing tools if you wish to make the movie night a moment to get people to voice their concerns about GE trees. If requested, we may be able to get a speaker to Skype in or present on the issue further after the movie, if interested please make a note of that when signing up.
Help us stand up for native forests and impacted communities by committing to host a screening today! Sign up now!