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For Immediate Release
December 2,  2008

Hinesburg, VT–An evening of discussing and eating local food will begin with a film called “Sustainable Table: What’s on Your Plate?” at the Carpenter-Carse Library in Hinesburg on Thursday, December 4th at 7pm.  Following the film, local foods expert Bill Schubart will lead a discussion and help attendees take a closer look into what people in the town of Hinesburg eat and what the future of food could look like in Vermont.  Apples and cheeses from the Hinesburg area to taste and pair will culminate the evening.

The chair of Hinesburg’s “Buy Local and Specialty Farming Task Force,” and “slow food” proponent, Bill Schubart says, “Given the unprecedented meltdown of our conventional financial systems, creating local financial loops where people sell food to one another within their communities or states and preserve the value of the transaction for both is more important than ever.”

“Sustainable Table: What’s on Your Plate?” is a documentary film produced and directed by Mischa Hedges and takes an unmodified look at the current commercial food system in the United States. The film also shows what sort of effects this food system has on the environment and human health.  Finally, it offers alternatives to this type of system. VegNews Magazine states, “…it all goes down with little sense of preachiness. In fact, the film’s overall impression is that it is oriented toward getting the average American to watch without fear or alienation.”

Global Justice Ecology Project’s Sara Armstrong Donegan comments, “As climate change clearly becomes more evident, we need to look at real solutions. Sustainable, locally produced food that is available to the community is a step in the right direction.”

The event is hosted by Global Justice Ecology Project, a Hinesburg-based organization working on social and environmental justice issues both locally and globally, and is free and open to the public. The Carpenter-Carse Library is located at 69 Ballard Corners, Hinesburg, VT 05461.