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Since August 1, the news is spreading that Monsanto had to abandon the construction of one of the biggest factories in the world for producing transgenic seed that was to be installed in Córdoba, Argentina, in the municipality of Malvinas Argentinas. From there they had planned to distribute seeds to Latin America and beyond. This is an occurrence of enormous importance, that the company has not wanted to admit publicly, because the reason for their exit is the persistent popular resistance from neighbourhoods, youths and mothers, who have blocked the factory since 2013.

This victory is meaningful, not only for the struggle of this town of 12,000 inhabitants, but also for the whole world, for the many people’s struggles from the grassroots confronting interests that appear gigantic and impossible to defeat.  It is a brake on the poisons of the biggest transnational seed company, the most resisted on this planet; moreover it is a message of support for those who struggle for the defence of their territories and communities, both urban and rural, for their lives and those of their offspring, against the dominant logic that tries to convince us that such struggles are impossible.

– Silvia Ribeiro is a researcher for the ETC Group.