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GJEP’s Langelle in the ancient Araucaria forest of Chile, 2004.  Langelle was in Chile to investigate and document the impacts of industrial tree plantations on indigenous Mapuche People and native forests there.   Photo: Petermann

On 27 January, Buffalo, New York’s Contemporary Photography & Visual Arts Center (CEPA) named GJEP’s Strategic Communications Director Orin Langelle as one of two winners of their annual Member’s Exhibition Award.  Langelle won the award with his 1972 photograph of a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War at the Republican National Convention protests in Miami Beach.  The other winner was photographer Natalie Dilenno.


Langelle says, “I approach my role as concerned photographer by not merely documenting the struggle for social and ecological justice, but by being an active part of it. This has enabled me to garner the trust of many of the subjects I have documented, allowing me access that would not have been possible otherwise. In this way, I have been able to expose the truth that is so often hidden by the powers of injustice.”

He continues, “My work is an historical look at social movements, struggle and everyday life.  It is designed to counter the societal amnesia from which we collectively suffer—especially with regard to the history of social and ecological struggles. This is not merely a chronicling of history, but a call out to inspire new generations to participate in the making of a new history.  For there has been no time when such a call has been so badly needed.”

For more about the award, the CEPA gallery and the photography of Orin Langelle, please visit the Langelle Photography website.