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Global Justice Ecology Project 

July Update

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Statement from Chile to the UN Climate COP25

In November 2019, Chile was to host the UN Climate Summit (COP25) but it was moved to Madrid in the face of a massive popular uprising there against the free market neoliberal economic model, along with the violent response of the state, including widespread human rights abuses against the protesters. Despite the violence and repression happening at home, Chile was outrageously allowed to retain the Presidency of the COP.

In the short video above, filmed by GJEP and Biofuelwatch as COP 25 took place, Mapuche and other people in Chile offer a warning to the world about the dangers and impacts of neoliberal “nature based solutions” being promoted by corporations, governments and the UN–including at COP26 happening now in Glasgow, Scotland.

In Chile, these market-based climate schemes have destroyed forests, displaced entire communities, led to vast tree plantations, loss of fresh water, toxic incinerators and huge devastating copper and lithium mines.

The uprising in Chile succeeded in launching a process to re-write the country’s Constitution and eliminate the Neoliberal economic model.

As the people in Chile say “This is where Neoliberalism was born and this is where it will die.”

Global Justice Media Program

Breaking Green Podcast

Produced by Global Justice Ecology Project, Breaking Green is a podcast that talks with activists and experts to examine the intertwined issues of social, ecological and economic injustice. Breaking Green also explores some of the more outrageous proposals to address climate and environmental crises that are falsely being sold as green.

New Breaking Green: Whale Offsets with Cassandra

In this episode of Breaking Green, we talk with Cassandra, a member of the Global Justice Ecology Project board of directors. As many nations promise so-called net-zero emissions to fight climate change, corporate interests continue to promote offsets as opposed to the actual reduction of CO2 emissions at the source. So-called “Nature-Based Solutions” promote a “green” economy that commodifies nature and reduces ecosystems to a balance sheet of commodities to be bought and sold for license to destroy and pollute elsewhere. This includes a proposal to use whales as carbon offsets, which could speed up the extinction of whales.

You can find all podcast episodes here: https://globaljusticeecology.org/breakinggreen/

Hoodwinked in the Hothouse

[Recording] Hoodwinked in the Hothouse Part II: Frontline Voices of Indigenous Resistance Beyond Climate False Solutions

27 Oct 2021-This panel features Indigenous organizers from frontline communities that are disproportionately impacted by false solutions to the climate crisis. From Mapuche communities in WallMapu (in so-called Chile), to Diné communities in Southwest Turtle Island, climate false solutions such as nuclear power, megadams, fracking, and many more continue to cause displacement, contamination of land, food, & water, and disaster in Indigenous communities worldwide. To watch the replay of Part I click here.

KPFA’s A Rude Awakening Interviews Anne Petermann on COP26 & Hoodwinked in the Hothouse

8 Oct 2021-Sabrina Jacobs of A Rude Awakening spoke with GJEP’s Executive Director, Anne Petermann about COP26 and “Hoodwinked in the Hothouse V3: Resist False Solutions to Climate Change.”

Global Justice Media News

Photo Essay: COP26 & False Solutions to Climate Change

GJEP’s board member, Cassandra, is at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland organizing to stop the use of whales as part of another phony carbon offset scheme. Photos include the Peoples’ Climate March on 6 Nov 2021, as well as advertisements promoting net zero and carbon offset schemes.

Clearing the FOG Interviews Anne Petermann on COP26

Clearing the FOG spoke with Anne Petermann, Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project, who spoke about COP26 and its focus on ‘false solutions’ promoted by large corporations to protect their profits instead of the planet.

Alliance Building and Root-Cause Analysis Toward Fundamental Systemic Transformation

GJEP Co-founders, Anne Petermann and Orin Langelle, and Larry Lohmann of The Corner House, presented at Radical Climate Justice for the Global Commons, A Nearly Carbon-Neutral Conference, Co-Sponsored by the UC Center for Climate Justice.

More than 250 groups say NO to Nature-Based Solutions!

GJEP joined World Rainforest Movement and 257 organisations, networks and movements from 61 countries in a statement released 2 November to say NO to “Nature-Based Solutions”, a concept that the world’s biggest corporate polluters and the conservation industry are peddling at the UN Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland.

Campaign to STOP Genetically Engineered Trees

GJEP coordinates the Campaign to STOP GE Trees, a national and international alliance of organizations that have united towards prohibiting the ecologically and socially devastating release of genetically engineered [GE or genetically modified] trees into the environment.

FSC General Assembly 2021

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) held a Virtual General Assembly (GA) in October where they discussed initiating a learning research project on genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is prohibited in FSC-certified operations and in FSC-certified products. But corporations like Suzano, a huge pulp and paper company have been leaning heavily on the FSC to weaken their bans on genetically engineered (GE) trees. The Campaign to STOP GE launched a twitter campaign during the GA to remind the FSC that for 2 decades, a vast majority of people reject GE trees, and the numbers are growing!

Faces Behind the Campaign

Over the last year we’ve highlighted various members of the national and international Campaign to STOP GE Trees. Meet the people who make up the Campaign to STOP GE Trees here: https://stopgetrees.org/campaign-faces/

Take Action!

Organizational Spotlight

When GJEP identifies a group or organization whose non-for-profit work closely aligns with our mission, we may support their important work by becoming a fiscal sponsor. This helps them minimize bureaucracy so they can focus on their crucial work for ecological and social justice, forest protection and/or human rights. GJEP fiscally sponsors BiofuelWatch, Vermont Street Medics, Save the Pine Barrens, NH PANTHER, A Center for Grassroots Organizing, REDD-Monitor, the Paulo Freire Conference, and Standing Trees VT.

Paulo Freire Conference (November 29-December 2, 2021)

The 3rd International Conference Paulo Freire: The Global Legacy, celebrating the world-renowned Brazilian educator, philosopher, social justice advocate, and one of the most pre-eminent educators of the 20th century during the centenary of his birth, will bring together educators, academics, students, researchers, and practitioners to reflect on the current status of his pedagogical thought and its application across a wide variety of academic disciplines. Therefore, the conference goals are (1) to investigate the current standing of Paulo Freire’s thought and work within the field of Education, (2) to explore the extent of Paulo Freire’s thought and work applied in other fields of human inquiry, expression and practice, and (3) to be a catalyst for further international interdisciplinary application of Paulo Freire’s thought and work.

The 3rd International Conference Paulo Freire: The Global Legacy builds upon the tradition established by the first International Conference Paulo Freire: The Global Legacy, held in Aotearoa / New Zealand (Kirikiriroa / Hamilton) in 2012, and the 2nd International Conference Paulo Freire: The Global Legacy, held in Brazil (Belo Horizonte) in 2018.

For more information visit: https://www.freireconference2021.org

Photo of the Month

Shut Out (2007)

Bali, Indonesia: An Indigenous man with his mouth covered by a UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) gag protests the UN climate talks in Bali, Indonesia.  The protest was organized following the prohibition of Indigenous delegates from a meeting with the UNFCCC Executive Secretary the day before to talk about forest carbon offsets. They were barred from the meeting by armed security. They were also protesting being systematically shut-out of the official negotiations even though it is their lands being targeted for forest carbon offses and other unjust climate mitigation schemes.

Indigenous Peoples have continued to protest their exclusion from decision-making at every Climate Conference since Bali, including this year’s conference in Glasgow.

This process has become nothing but developed countries avoiding their responsibilities to cut emissions and pushing the responsibility onto developing countries …  People are being relocated and even killed; my own people will soon be under water.  The money from these projects is blood money.” ­­– Fiu Mata’ese Elisara-Laula, O Le Siosiomaga Society, Samoa.

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