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Global Justice Ecology Project 

December Update

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3rd International Conference, Paulo Freire: The Global Legacy!

GJEP was proud to sponsor and present at the 3rd International Conference, Paulo Freire: The Global Legacy!

The conference, held virtually from November 29-December 2, 2021, celebrated the world-renowned Brazilian educator, philosopher, social justice advocate, and one of the most pre-eminent educators of the 20th century.

The Paulo Freire Conference brought together educators, academics, students, researchers, and practitioners to reflect on the current status of his pedagogical thought and its application across a wide variety of academic disciplines.

GJEP’s Board member Aziz Choudry, who passed away earlier this year, was greatly influenced by Freire, which you can see in Aziz’s books “Learning Activism”, “Learning from the Ground Up” and other writings. We were proud to be invited to present at this conference.

For more information on the conference visit: https://www.freireconference2021.org

Campaign to STOP Genetically Engineered Trees

GJEP coordinates the Campaign to STOP GE Trees, a national and international alliance of organizations, scientists, Indigenous Peoples and other individuals that have united towards prohibiting the ecologically and socially devastating release of genetically engineered [GE or genetically modified] trees into the environment.

Petition to Stop Genetically Engineered Tree Threat

DEADLINE: December 14th, 2021

Sign the petition to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) opposing their proposal to weaken their long-standing ban on genetically engineered (GE), also called genetically modified (GM) trees.

From the petition: “The importance of FSC’s current prohibition on genetically engineered trees in FSC products is particularly critical given the recent Brazilian approval for commercial growing of a glyphosate-resistant GE eucalyptus tree, developed by the FSC-certified company Suzano. This new decision also shows the need to stop GE tree research by FSC members from moving ahead.”

This petition is crucial and we want to ensure members of the public from every country can make their voices heard.

Sign the petition! Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

*To sign on without using the form, email us: info@globaljusticeecology.org.

Global Justice Media Program

Photo of the Month

International Human Rights Day – 10 December 2019 Santiago, Chile: Young protesters, one with a Santa hat and the other carrying a shield with the Mapuche flag, run down the avenue as the freshly decorated water cannon searches for protesters. Photo: Langelle/GJEP

GJEP was in Chile in November and December of 2019 during a massive popular uprising against Neoliberalism swept the country.  Millions of people marched and protested in the streets of every major city for weeks on end, and Mapuche people began land re-occupations to re-take lands stolen from them under the Pinochet dictatorship. Following the uprising, which left the streets due to COVID, 80% of the population voted to replace Chile’s existing Constitution, written under the Pinochet regime. This month, Chile is having a major presidential election pitting a young leftist against a neo-fascist with Nazi-connections. So far the race is too close to call.

Earth Radio

GJEP’s Earth Radio segments, the Earth Minute and the Earth Watch Interview, happen each week in partnership with Margaret Prescod’s nationally syndicated Sojourner Truth Radio show on Pacifica Radio’s flagship station, KPFK in Los Angeles.

You can find all radio segments here: https://globaljusticeecology.org/earth-radio/

Earth Watch: Miguel Lovera on COP26 & Climate Crisis

30 Nov 2021-Miguel Lovera is an agronomist who dedicated his career to plant conservation through activities ranging from scientific and technical research, policy and advocacy, activism and civil service. His main focus is understanding the interface of science and policy. Currently, he is the General Coordinator of Iniciativa Amotocodie, which carries out environmental monitoring in the Paraguayan Chaco together with the Ayoreo People.

Earth Watch: Souparna Lahiri On COP26 & India’s Forests

12 Nov 2021-Souparna Lahiri, based in India, is the Climate Campaigner and Advisor for Global Forest Coalition, an international coalition of NGOs and Indigenous Peoples Organizations defending social justice and the rights of forest peoples in forest policies.

Earth Minute: COP26 Overview

17 Nov 2021- The COP26 focus on privatizing nature through schemes such as “Net Zero” emissions, carbon markets and “Nature-Based Solutions threaten forests, Indigenous communities and endangered species–including elephants and whales for carbon markets.

Breaking Green Podcast

Produced by Global Justice Ecology Project, Breaking Green is a podcast that talks with activists and experts to examine the intertwined issues of social, ecological and economic injustice. Breaking Green also explores some of the more outrageous proposals to address climate and environmental crises that are falsely being sold as green.

Whale Offsets with Cassandra

Nov 2021-Cassandra, a member of GJEP’s board of directors discusses whale offsets promoted at COP26. As many nations promise so-called net-zero emissions, whales are being looked at to provide carbon offsets to avoid reducing CO2 emissions at the source.

Kartini Samon on Big Agriculture and Climate Change

Oct 2021-Kartini Samon, a GRAIN activist based in Jakarta, Indonesia talks about the links between climate change and industrial agriculture. As Climate change threatens more catastrophic flooding, fires and food insecurity, agricultural companies are promoting more industrial agriculture greenwashed as “climate safe agriculture.”

Dr. Michael Dorsey on IPCC’s Code Red for Humanity – Will we act?

Sept 2021-Dr. Michael Dorsey, acclaimed environmental scientist and political economist, speaks about the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report and current UN effort to address our collective future.

You can find all podcast episodes here: https://globaljusticeecology.org/breakinggreen/

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Global Justice Media News

Global Day of Action Against UN Conference of Polluters (COP) in Durban 10 Years Later: A Photo Essay by Orin Langelle and Anne Petermann

3 Dec 2021-On this day in 2011, thousands of people from around the world hit the streets of Durban, South Africa to protest the UN Climate Conference of Polluters. This was the last time that Global Justice Ecology Project attended a UN Climate Conference.

“Thanksgiving Day” 2019 in Mapuche Territory, Chile

25 Nov 2021–This photo essay by Orin Langelle documents the attack by Chilean National Police on two Mapuche communities that were re-occupying their ancestral lands, stolen from them under the Pinochet dictatorship. GJEP was in Chile documenting the Peoples’ Uprising.

Zapatista Army of National Liberation Formed Nov 17, 1993

17 Nov 2021-On this day in 1993, the Indigenous-led Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) was formed. Six weeks later, on New Year’s Day 1994, the Zapatistas rose up against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which they called a “death sentence” to the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico.

Organizational Spotlight

When GJEP identifies a group or organization whose non-for-profit work closely aligns with our mission, we may support their important work by becoming a fiscal sponsor. This helps them minimize bureaucracy so they can focus on their crucial work for ecological and social justice, forest protection and/or human rights. GJEP fiscally sponsors BiofuelWatch, Vermont Street Medics, Save the Pine Barrens, NH PANTHER, A Center for Grassroots Organizing, REDD-Monitor, the Paulo Freire Conference, and Standing Trees VT.

Standing Trees

Standing Trees Vermont works to protect, preserve and restore forests on Vermont’s federal and state public lands.

Standing Trees Vermont envisions a future where forests on Vermont’s federal and state public lands are allowed to grow free from active management and logging. The forests will be free to continue recovering from decades of logging and other detrimental activities. The forests will be allowed to grow strong and old. The forests will be allowed to re-wild.

By allowing the forests on federal and state lands to grow unfettered by active management and logging, they will slowly return to their natural state. As such, they will provide the maximum benefits to plants and animals that depend on them for a healthy environment. By allowing the forests to grow, they will absorb the most carbon, provide the most oxygen, absorb the most particulates, efficiently provide the cleanest water, and protect against extreme weather events.

For more information visit: http://standingtreesvermont.org

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