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Canadian Labour, Civil Society Groups Express Solidarity With Protesting Farmers

“The farmers are literally sacrificing their well-being and putting their lives on the line to uphold these constitutional guarantees on behalf of all the people of India and are setting a glorious example to the entire world.”

The Wire 28 February 2021

New Delhi: A group of labour, community and civil society organisations from Canada and elsewhere have issued a statement supporting protesting farmers in India.

“These laws were drafted without any consultation with farmers or their representatives, the farmers’ unions. The farmers have consistently opposed these laws, which go against the promises and commitments made to farmers by different governments over several decades,” the statement reads.

The organisations argue that the contentious farm laws openly benefit big corporates and harm farmers. However, instead of responding to farmers demands, “The government and its propaganda machines…have concentrated not on finding solutions but on delegitimizing the protests and all who support them as representing special interests (large and rich farmers) in prosperous states.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” the statement continues.

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