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Global Justice Ecology Project made the news!  Check out these links to articles about GJEP published this fall. 

GJEP’s Agrofuels specialist, Dr. Rachel Smolker published an article in Development (2008) 51, 519-526. doi:10.1057/dev.2008.67
The New Bioeconomy and the Future of Agriculture, also posted on African Institute of Strategy website with link to Palgrave publications where full text is available.

Will Jatropha Invade Mozambique? Via Campesina Confronts the Global Agrofuel Industrial Complex” In this article, GJEP’s call for immediate moratorium on US incentives for agrofuel production discussed:
InfoShop News on 29 October, 2008
• Biofuelwatch list
All Africa News on Oct. 30, 2008

A Call to Climate Action posted on Climate Indymedia with mention of GJEP directly in the tag on 7th Oct. 2008

Rich Enough to Offset: Do Voluntary Carbon Markets Promote Luxury Emissions?” In this article, GJEP is mentioned and Anne Petermann Quoted in E Magazines Nov/Dec 2008 Issue

No more advice from authors of crisis” – Letter to the Editor
Burlington Free Press on 5 November, 2008

U.S. Groups, Businesses and Organic Farmers Overwhelmingly Oppose Engineered Papaya” 
by Orin Langelle 
Huntingtonnews.net on 21 Nov. 2008

GMO crop critics fear USDA will ease regulations
Reuters on 21 Nov. 2008 on

Vermont Times-Sentinel Letter to the Editor
Published Wed. 29 Oct. 2008: “25x’25
Denpubs.com on 12th Nov. 2008

 “Group Opposes Genetically Engineered Papaya Trees
Run in the Rutland Herald
Times-Argus website on 7 Dec. 2008

ED Action in Washington DC on 1 December, 2008

• On Environment News Service Newswire on 2 Dec. 2008
• Rachel mentioned (not GJEP directly) on the Boston Globe’s Green Blog on 2 Dec. 2008
• On REDD Monitor website on 2 Dec. 2008
• Rachel and GJEP mentioned on Bloomberg News on 1 Dec. 2008
• GJEP as the lead of the story on Fox News.com on 4 Dec. 2008
• Fox article reprinted on CNSNews.com on 5 Dec. 2008
• Covered on Seven Days Blog: Blurt on 9 Dec. 2008

New Voices on Climate Change Release (1 Dec. 2008)
eGov Monitor on 1 Dec. 2008
Climate Indy Media on 3 Dec. 2008
Common Dreams.org on 1 Dec. 2008

UN Poznan Fortune Telling Release
Prism Webcast News on 8 Dec. 2008
Scoop World Independent News on 5 Dec. 2008
Common Dreams.org on 5 Dec. 2008
The Huntington News on 7 Dec. 2008
REDD-Monitor website on 8 Dec. 2008
Climate Indy Media on 6 Dec. 2008
Environmental News Network on 9 Dec. 2008
Organic Consumers Association website on 5 Dec. 2008

Plantations are Not Forest Press Release from Poznan with GJEP/GFC/Stop GE Trees released on 10 Dec. 2008
Toward Freedom on 10 Dec. 2008
eGov Monitor on 11 Dec. 2008
Scoop Independent News on 12 Dec. 2008

World-Wide: Challenging REDD’s overly broad definition of forest” In this article, GFC/GJEP/Stop GE Trees are mentioned
• Forest Policy Research website on 11 Dec. 2008

CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW! NETWORK: RADICAL NEW AGENDA URGENTLY NEEDED” In this article, CJN Press Conference Statement is highlighted and Anne Petermann with GJEP is quoted
Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal on 12 Dec. 2008


Pacifica Radio Interview
with Anne Petermann during the Bay Area Trip
KFPA Flashpoints Interview

Virtual Poznan-interview With Anne Peterman and Gustavo Faleir Daniel Nelson Of Oneworld and Oneclimate Interviews
Sharerevmedia.com on 8 Dec. 2008
emPivot online video share site on 9 Dec. 2008
YouTube on 8 Dec. 2008

Real World Radio Interviews Anne Petermann in Poznan
Real World Radio interview on 9 Dec. 2008