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Photo courtesy of june11.noblogs.org

Ruddy Turnstone is a community organizer working towards prison abolition and decarceration as a steering committee member of the COVID-19 Hotline for Incarcerated People (CHIP). Only a month old, the all-volunteer run hotline has documented almost 200 stories from inside local south Florida jails. Reports from incarcerated neighbors demonstrate that social distancing and CDC guidelines are impossible to follow and that conditions inside are very unsanitary. CHIP has also documented a high number of cases of dangerous medical neglect, and that the administration’s actions in response to the Corona Virus have exacerbated the already terrible conditions of life behind bars. In addition to the hotline, Ruddy is also a climb trainer for direct actions and was formerly the GE Trees campaigner for Global Justice Ecology Project.


The most recent update about Marius Mason is From May 16th. For those who do not know, he is a transgender anarchist, environmental and animal rights activist doing a 22 year prison sentence for acts of property destruction, including one of which was against genetically engineered trees.

As of the update, we have learned that Marius has tested positive for COVID-19 and that he has been in quarantine with other prisoners since April 25th. He has underlying factors which make him exceptionally vulnerable to COVID-19, and because of that, legal options are being pursued. At FCI Danbury, in Connecticut, where Marius is held, 30 incarcerated people and 5 staff have tested for the virus, as well as one person who has died from it.  If you would like to know more or to support marius mason, please visit supportmariusmason.org.

June 11th Another way to support Marius and other environmental and anarchist activists is to joint in actions on June 11th. Going 16 years strong, June 11th is the International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners.  From letter-writing, noise demos and arsons, June 11th is a day to bring attention to these political prisoners and the issues they fight so hard for. It is days like this which help us tear down the invisible and physical walls between those of us on the outside and those incarcerated. To learn more about June 11th visit https://june11.noblogs.org/