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Quilombola woman speaks at national meeting in Brazil on social and ecological impacts of industrial tree plantations.  Photo: Petermann

Earth Watch 4/17/19, Sojourner Truth show, KPFK Pacifica Radio, Los Angeles

Anne Petermann is interviewed about her recent work in Brazil where she attended a national meeting of organizations and impacted communities fighting the social and ecological devastation of industrial timber plantations–especially in rural peasant, Indigenous and Quilombola (Afro-Brazilian) communities.  Also discussed were strategies to prevent the release of genetically engineered trees into tree plantations in Brazil, as well as greater collaboration with groups in the US.

Boy in MST (Landless Rural Workers) settlement in Brazil established after the community cut down the eucalyptus plantation.  The banner reads “Eucalyptus plantations are not forests.”  Photo: Langelle/photolangelle.org (2005)