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GJEP partners with the Sojourner Truth show on KPFK Pacifica Radio, Los Angeles for a weekly Earth Minute on Wednesday and an Earth Watch interview on Thursday.

Paula Gioia is a beekeeper and peasant farmer in a community-run agroecological farm in Germany near Berlin. Together they plant a variety of vegetable crops, reviving old local varieties. They plow the land with horses and value local animal breeds. Their farm markets directly to local consumers and small organic shops. Paula is member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft (AbL), the German Via Campesina member organisation. La Via Campesina is a global movement of over 200 million small-scale food producers, land and migrant workers, Indigenous peoples, rural women and youth who are fighting for food sovereignty and agroecolgoy as true solutions to the climate crisis. Paula is a European representative in the International Coordination Committee of La Via Campesina. They are also engaged in local struggles for climate justice, where they highlight the importance of the protection and promotion of peasant agroecology to cool down the planet and defend humanity’s future.