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GE Trees: No Solution to Climate Change

In a statement released today by the Campaign to STOP GE Trees, numerous environmental groups from around the globe are warning of the ecological and social dangers of using genetically engineered trees in false solution climate mitigation schemes. As the devastating effects of climate change become more immediate and severe, corporate interests are promoting unproven and potentially dangerous GE trees for climate mitigation schemes, including carbon offsetting, and a so called “bio-economy” designed to maintain business as usual.

The statement warned that researchers are trying to transform the very composition of wood itself to pursue these fake climate schemes. And that large scale use of GE trees can devastate forests, biodiversity and forest dependent communities and could even worsen climate change. Rather than transforming our forests into lab-generated genetically engineered facsimiles, we need to mitigate climate change by addressing CO2 emissions at the source and by working toward real and just solutions.

The statement may be seen at stopgetrees.org/getrees-statement.

For the Earth Minute and the Sojourner Truth show, this is Steve Taylor with Global Justice Ecology Project.

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