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To reach contacts listed below, unless otherwise indicated, call Jeff Conant, Global Justice Ecology Project Communications Director: +27 (0)73.623.0619 [to call from outside of South Africa do not dial the (0)]  jc@gjep2020.local


Climate Change & Politics

Pablo Solón –Bolivia

Former Ambassador to the United Nations for the Plurinational State of Bolivia. Before becoming Ambassador to the United Nations, Pablo Solón Romero worked as an activist for many years with different social organizations, indigenous movements, workers’ unions, student associations, human rights and cultural organizations in Bolivia.  As Ambassador to the UN, Solón spearheaded successful resolutions on the Human Right to Water, International Mother Earth Day, Harmony with Nature, and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. He was the lead climate negotiator for Bolivia at the UNFCCC, and helped organize the World People’s Conference on Climate Change in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2010.

Expertise: UN climate talks, Rights of Mother Earth, social movements

Affiliations: Civil society member 

Languages: Spanish, English 


Patrick Bond – South Africa

Patrick Bond is Director of the University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society and senior professor of Development Studies, Bond recently authored Politics of Climate Justice and edited Durban’s Climate Gamble. He holds a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University and was a policy drafter for Nelson Mandela’s government, including authorship of its first White Paper. He mainly works with progressive social and environmental movements.

Expertise: Durban and South African climate politics, climate finance, social movements 

Affiliations: Durban Group for Climate Justice

Languages: English

Durban Phone #: +27 (0)83 425 1401 or +27 031 260 3195


REDD / Forests / Plantations / Carbon Offsets and Carbon Markets

Tom B.K. Goldtooth  –– Dińe, USA

Tom Goldtooth is the Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network and a longtime global leader in the environmental justice movement. Tom is one of the founders of the Durban Group for Climate Justice; co-founder of Climate Justice NOW!; and co-founder of the U.S. based Environmental Justice Climate Change initiative.  Tom is a policy advisor on environmental protection, mitigation, and adaptation.

Expertise: REDD/REDD+, carbon trading, carbon offsets, climate mitigation and adaptation, Indigenous Peoples rights and climate, FPIC  

Affiliations: Indigenous Environmental Network, International Indigenous Forum on Climate Change (Indigenous Caucus within UNFCCC), US-based Grassroots for Global Justice (GGJ) and Environmental Justice Climate Change Initiative

Language: English 


Anne Petermann – USA

Anne Petermann is the Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project, and the Coordinator of the STOP Genetically Engineered Trees Campaign.  She is also the North American Focal Point for the Global Forest Coalition. Anne co-founded the Durban Group for Climate Justice in 2004 and Climate Justice Now! at the COP13 in 2007. Anne speaks on “false solutions” to climate change, with specific focus on genetically engineered (GE) trees and second-generation agrofuels. 

Expertise: GE trees, REDD, Timber Plantations, Wood-based bioenergy, Agrofuels

Affiliations: Global Justice Ecology Project; Global Forest Coalition; Climate Justice Now!

Languages: English

Contact: +27 (0)78.632.2801


Simone Lovera – Paraguay; Netherlands

Simone Lovera is the co-founder and managing coordinator of the Global Forest Coalition.  With a degree in international environmental law, she was the coordinator of the legal program of the Netherlands Committee for IUCN; she worked at Sobrevivencia in Paraguay; and she was the coordinator of the Friends of the Earth International Forest Program, Biodiversity Project, and International Campaigns.

Expertise: Carbon offsets, International forest policy; Biodiversity conservation, Indigenous rights; International environmental law, Women and biodiversity; Payments for environmental services; Market-based conservation mechanisms; Agrofuels.

Affiliations: Global Forest Coalition; Sobrevivencia

Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, German and Portuguese

Contact: +27 (0)72.255.6678


Tamra Gilbertson – Spain

Carbon Trade Watch. By centering its work on bottom-up community-led projects and campaigns, Carbon Trade Watch aims to provide a durable body of research which ensures that a holistic and justice-based analysis of climate change and environmental policies is not forgotten or compromised. As part of our solidarity work, CTW aims to accompany and support movements and communities in their local initiatives and struggles for environmental and social justice. Importantly, the collective gathers and translates work with others in this field to help facilitate broader co-operation and understanding.

Expertise: Carbon trading, EUETS, CDM, offsets, REDD, photo & video (I will have cameras in Durban and will be doing some interviews and photography)

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: +34 625 49 8083 


Dr. Michael Dorsey — US

Dr. Dorsey is assistant professor at Dartmouth College’s Environmental Studies Program and the Director of the College’s Climate Justice Research Project. He is a co-founding board member of Islands First—a multilateral negotiating capacity building organization for small island developing states facing disproportionate threats from unfolding climate change. 

Expertise: Carbon markets, climate justice social movements, clean development mechanisms, green economy, global finance, multilateral development policy, climate finance.

Affiliations: Climate Justice Now!, Sierra Club, Dartmouth College 

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: +27-(0)79 863 8756


Praful Bidwai India

Praful Bidwai is a writer, activist, analyst and author of the about to be released book “Mortgaging our future: The politics of climate change and the global crisis (Orient Blackswan, December 2011)

Expertise:  India climate policy, problems of carbon trading in the Indian experience, role of BASIC countries in climate negotiations, Indian social movements, problems of nuclear, renewable energy 

Affiliations: Professor at the Council for Social Development, Delhi, Transnational Institute Fellow,

Language: English


Doreen Stabinsky — US

Doreen Stabinsky is the Professor of Global Environmental Politics at College of the Atlantic. 

Expertise: expert on agriculture within the UNFCCC negotiations, soil carbon markets, climate change impacts on African agriculture and agriculture generally

Affiliations: College of the Atlantic, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Languages: English, Spanish, French



Geoengineering/ New Technologies


Silvia Ribeiro – Mexico

Silvia Ribeiro is the Latin America Director for the ETC Group, an international civil society organization that monitors the environmental and social impacts of new technologies, including biotechnology, geoengineering and nanotechnology. ETC Group was key in providing analysis and information that led the UN Convention on Biological Diversity to declare a moratorium on climate manipulation technologies (geoengineering).

In Durban, ETC Group is focusing on issues around technology and agriculture, particularly the dangers of new technologies and the risk of “false solutions” to climate change, such as geoengineering and the proposal to include soils in carbon markets.

Expertise: Geoengineering, Synthetic biology, Corporations and the Green Economy

Affiliations: ETC Group , www.etcgroup.org / silvia@etcgroup.org 

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese 

Contact: +27 (0)76.714.6235


Dr. Rachel Smolker–US

Expertise: biofuels, biochar, biomass, agriculture and soils in carbon markets and climate policy. 

Affiliation: Biofuelwatch, Global Forest Coalition

Language: English

Contact: rsmolker@riseup.net


Helena Paul–UK

        Helena Paul investigates, reports and acts on threats to biodiversity, climate, ecosystems, local and agro-ecological farming systems, food security & sovereignty, health and the interests of indigenous peoples and local communities. A particular focus are new and emerging technologies, their implications and risks.

Expertise: Agriculture and climate change, new and emerging technologies

Affiliations: ETC Group.

Languages: English and Spanish

Contact: +27 (0)7724 711183


Indigenous Peoples’ Issues, Rights and Land Tenure 


Fiu Mataese Elisara-La’ulu – Samoa

Fiu Elisara is the Executive Director of Ole Siosiomaga Society Incorporated. He worked for the UNDP from 1993-2001 as the Assistant Resident Representative responsible for the Global Environment Facility in Samoa. He was closely involved with the South Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP) in the implementation of environment programs in Pacific Island nations. Fiu advocates for the rights of Indigenous Peoples under the UNFCCC and CBD.

Expertise: Indigenous Rights; South Pacific / Small Island Nations and Climate Change; Climate Policy; REDD

Affiliations:  Ole Siosiomaga Society Incorporated, Global Forest Coalition

Languages: English, Samoan, Polynesian Languages

Contact: +27 (0)78.266.7280


Alberto Saldamando – Chicano/Zapoteca, USA 

Alberto Salamando is a lawyer and expert on indigenous and human rights within the United Nations system, working over 19 years in the international arena. He was an active participant in the drafting of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as well as in the formation of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and the old Commission on Human Rights resolution creating the mandate for the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples. He has filed numerous complaints and communications with the UN’s Treaty Monitoring Bodies and Special Procedures as well as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.  He works on disseminating information on opportunities for involvement for grassroots Indigenous communities in UN processes, and works to build awareness about Indigenous struggles among non-Indigenous Peoples and organizations

Expertise: UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; Indigenous Issues; Human Rights

Affiliations: Indigenous Environmental Network (FCCC COP 17 Durban)

             Languages: Bilingual in English and Spanish


Ben Powless – Mohawk, Canada

Ben Powless is a Mohawk from Six Nations in Ontario and on the staff of Indigenous Environmental Network.  He has a degree from Carleton University in Human Rights, Indigenous and Environmental Studies. He has worked in Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua on human rights and development issues. He is a co-founder of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition and works with the national Indigenous network Defenders of the Land.

 Expertise: Indigenous Issues; Human Rights

 Affiliations: Indigenous Environmental Network

 Languages: English, Spanish

 Contact: powless@gmail.com


Daniel T’seleie K’asho Got’ine First Nation, Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories — Canada. 

Daniel T’seleie is a Canadian Youth Delegate for Durban COP17 and coalition member of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition.  He is a 2010 Jane Glassco Arctic Fellow, lives in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada and works as Director of Lands and Environment with the Dene Nation. His previous experience has included work on climate change mitigation and adaptation with territorial and national NGOs, a photojournalist with work in Yellowknife and Iqaluit, and held policy positions with the Government of the Northwest Territories. Daniel participated in previous UNFCCC COP meetings.

Contact: danieltseleie@hotmail.com


François Paulette, Dene Suline, Alberta, Canada.

François Paulette is a member of the Smith’s Landing Treaty 8 Dene First Nation and lives 200 miles downstream from the tar sands industry site in Alberta, Canada.  François was previously chief and vice-chief of the Dene Nation and is currently a commissioner with the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), a national organization representing 630 First Nations across Canada. ‘As both a father and grandfather, François believes that the way of life for many people living in First Nation lands in Canada is quickly changing, leaving many people uncertain about the future. The drastic drop in water levels in the Athabasca River system and a lack of fresh water for drinking are the biggest concerns for aboriginal communities living downstream from the tar sands development in northern Alberta, Canada.’ François participated in previous UNFCCC COP meetings.

Contact: francois.paulette@yahoo.ca 


Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Delegation


For Interviews with GGJ Delegates Contact: Jen Soriano, GGJ Communications Coordinator jen@ggjalliance.org, skype: jensori  +27 (0)79.219.0670  


Teresa Almaguer — US

Expertise: Community development of green space in urban areas, environmental justice, community organizing.

Affiliations: People Organized to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER), San Francisco, CA, https://www.podersf.org/ Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, https://www.ggjalliance.org 

Languages: English, Spanish


Treston Davis-Faulkner — US

Expertise: Climate jobs, U.S. trade unions, links between climate justice and economic justice

Affiliations: Jobs with Justice (JwJ), Washington DC, https://www.jwj.org/ Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, https://www.ggjalliance.org 

Languages: English


Rosalinda Guillen — US

Expertise: Food soveriegnty, farmworkers’ movements, connections between immigration, labor, trade and climate disruption

Affiliations: Community to Community Development, Bellingham, WA. https://foodjustice.org/, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, https://www.ggjalliance.org

Languages: English, Spanish


Jill Johnston — US

Expertise: Energy conservation and clean energy, environmental science and engineering, community-based energy policy and sustainable food systems

Affiliations: Southwest Workers Union (SWU), San Antonio, Texas, 


Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, https://www.ggjalliance.org

Languages: English


Ahmina S. Maxey

Expertise: Environmental Justice, Clean air initiatives, Community organizing for alternatives to incineration

Affiliations: East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC), Detroit, MI, https://www.emeac.org/ 

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, https://www.ggjalliance.org

Languages: English


Kandi Lea Marie Mossett (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara)

Expertise: Renewable energy, carbon emission reduction, indige- nous people’s rights, natural resource and park management, earth systems science and policy,

Affiliations: Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), North Dakota, 

https://www.ienearth.org/ Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, https://www.ggjalliance.org

Languages: English


Francisca Porchas — US

Expertise: Mass transit and pollution reduction, US public transportation policy, community organizing for environmental justice

Affiliations: Labor/Community Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union, Los Angeles CA, https://www.thestrategycenter.org/ Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, https://www.ggjalliance.org 

Languages: English


Michael Leon Guerrero — US

Expertise: US environmental justice movement and connections to global justice and climate justice movements, US militarism and climate disruption

Affiliations: National Coordinator, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Beaumont, CA, https://www.ggjalliance.org 

Languages: English 



Kari Fulton – USA

Kari Fulton is an award winning youth climate and environmental justice organizer with the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative. In April of 2009 she co-founded Checktheweather.net a national online community and web platform to support and amplify the voice of young people of color in the US fighting for environmental justice. In February 2010, Fulton was named one of a 100 African American History Makers in the Making by NBC and thegrio.com.

Expertise: Environmental Justice; New Media

Affiliations: Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative; Checktheweather.net; Youth 4 Climate Justice

Languages: English

Contact: +27 (0)84.691.2691


Keith Brunner – USA

 Expertise: Youth perspective on climate talks, carbon bubble/trading/offsets, climate finance and GCF, climate debt

Affiliations: Global Economic Accountability Research, Global Justice Ecology Project, Occupy Burlington

Language: English

Contact: keith.f.brunner@gmail.com


Ravany Naido – South Africa

Affiliations: Volunteers for the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA)

Language:  English

Contact: +27 (0)76 3855 861


Thandokuhle Manzi – South Africa

Thandokuhle Manzi is a Durban young man working with communities who are angry over bio-digestor projects being placed in their homes. He as a very critical perspective on the COP.

Languages: Zulu and English

Contact: +27 (0)74 7048645


Tasha Peters — Canada

Tasha Peters focuses on tar sands, climate finance, intersection of occupy/social movements in Durban, corporate influence on COP and is part of Canadian youth delegation.

Language: English

Contact: +27 (0)720908779


Lindsey Gillies — US

Lindsey Gillies, 23, is the project coordinator and founder of the Global Economic Accountability Research (GEAR) Youth Media Project which will monitor the development of climate “solutions” rooted in neoliberalism, agribusiness, and international finance and provide critical analysis during the talks in Durban. She also works with the World Bank Out of Climate Finance coalition and as a researcher with Global Justice Ecology Project. She has been involved in the recent Occupy movements in the USA. Gillies attended COP16 where she worked with the Youth consistency and co-managed a blog on youth perspectives and policy analysis. Currently, Lindsey also works as an apprentice midwife in Burlington, Vermont and uses this work as a platform to speak out on the importance of creating a just and sustainable world for future generations.

Expertise: Youth Issues, World Bank, Climate Finance

Affiliations: Global Economic Accountability Research (GEAR) Youth Media Project, Global Justice Ecology Project

Language: English

Contact: +27 (0)73.070.0030



World Bank and Climate Finance


Maria Theresa Lauron Philippines

Expertise: climate financing; structural causes; indigenous peoples issues

Affiliations: Peoples Movement on Climate Change; Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network

Language: English

Contact: tlauron@iboninternational.org


Ivan Torafing — Phillipines

Expertise: climate financing; structural causes; indigenous peoples issues

Affiliations: Peoples Movement on Climate Change; Asia Pacific Indigenous             Youth Network

Language: English


Nicola Bullard – France

Nicola Bullard is the Senior Associate with Focus on the Global South, an NGO based in Bangkok.  She works on research, analysis and capacity building on critical issues related to climate justice. She has worked extensively on issues related to international trade and development, global governance issues, women’s issues, human rights and labor. She is a founding member of Climate Justice Now!

Expertise: Trade and Finance, Global Governance and the UN

Affiliations: Focus on the Global South; Climate Justice Now!

Languages: English, French 

Contact: n.bullard@focusweb.org


Janet Redman – US

Janet Redman is the Co-Director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network, a project of the Institute for Policy Studies, where she provides analysis of the international financial institutions’ energy investment and carbon finance activities. Her major studies on the World Bank’s climate activities include World Bank: Climate Profiteer, and Dirty is the New Clean: A critique of the World Bank’s strategic framework for development and climate change. She has appeared on Al Jazeera, CSPAN and other broadcast media and has been featured in local, regional and national print outlets. Janet is a founding participant of the global Climate Justice Now! network.

Expertise: Global Climate Fund; Climate Finance; World Bank; Financial Transaction Tax; US Climate Policy;

Affiliations: Sustainable Energy and Economy Network, Institute for Policy Studies; Climate Justice Now!; Board member, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives

Languages: English  

Contact: +27 (0)73.186.1216


Rezaul Karim Chowdhury—Bangladesh

Rezaul Karim Chowdhury works with the Equity and Justice Working Group in Bangladesh (EquityBD) and has participated in the UNFCCC climate COPs in Bali, Copnehagen and Cancun.

Affiliations: EquityBD, Climate Justice Now!


Murray Worthy–United Kingdom 

Murray Worthy is the Policy officer at the World Development Movement in the UK, researching international climate finance, focusing on the role of the World Bank and the failure of “fast start” finance to deliver for developing countries.

            Expertise: Climate finance; World Bank

            Affiliations: World Development Movement, Climate Justice Now!

            Language: English



Energy/ Resource Extraction


Maxime Combes — France

Maxime Combes is involved in the French Climate Justice Coalition, which links local struggles (against airport, shale gas, etc.), concrete alternatives (energy transition…) and global fights.

Expertise: Responsibilities of North Country – Market-based mechanisms in             Europe – Energy transition – Struggles against shale gas and shale oil in France             and Europe – Etc.

Affiliations: Aitec and Attac France

Languages: French, Spanish, English

Contact: maxime.combes@gmail.com

Ivonne Yanez–Ecuador

Ivonne Yanez is part of the keep the oil underground and Yasuni/itt.  She is a campaign member of OilWatch International

            Expertise: Social and ecological impacts of oil

            Affilliations: OilWatch International, Durban Group for Climate Justice

            Languages: Spanish, English, French

Contact: +27 (0)728192911



Corporate Globalization/ Green Economy


Susan GeorgeFrance

Susan George is a writer, activist and analyst. She is the author of fifteen books, most recently “Whose Crisis, Whose Future” (Polity 2010)

Expertise: European Union, Corporate Power, Food Security, Green New Deal, Alternatives to Corporate Globalisation, Who the 1% are and their responsibility for economic/social/environmental crises.

Affiliations: Transnational Institute Fellow, honorary president of ATTAC-France [Association for Taxation of Financial Transaction to Aid Citizens]

Languages: English, French


Edgardo Lander —Venezuela

Academic, activist

Expertise: Critiques of “Green Economy”, Latin American alternative models to growth -“Living Well”, Venezuelan politics, Trade policy

Affiliations: Professor of Social Sciences at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas, TNI Fellow

Languages: English, Spanish


Tom Kucharz — Spain

Expertise: Climate Justice Movement in Spain, fighting for energy and other resource reductions (economic degrowth, against nuclear power and energy transition model for Spain 2020), agriculture and climate change, financialization of natural resources and commons, Green Climate Fund + World Bank out of climate campaign, trade and climate (fighting free trade), working against climate criminals (campaigns against transnational corporations), ecological debt and financial system.

Affiliations. Ecologistas en Acción, Climate Justice Now!

Languages: Spanish, English, German

Contact: +34 619 94 90 53


Lucia Ortiz –Brazil

Geologist, MSc. in Geosciences, Coordinator of FoE Brazil, FoEI Climate Justice and Energy Regional Program Coordinator for Friends of the Earth Latin America and Caribbean.

Expertise: climate justice, energy, Rio+20 and green capitalism

Affiliations: Friends of the Earth Brazil / Friends of the Earth International

Languages:  Portuguese, English, Spanish

Contact: skype lucia_natbrasil



Mitigation, Adaptation & Water Issues


Mary Galvin, Dudu Khumalo, Numphilo waManziSouth Africa

We are working in four poor communities in the wider Durban on a climate change and water adaptation CCAA project with York University (focusing on Durban, Maputo and Nairobi).  Communities have used participatory methods to detail their cc-related water issues as part of an action research plan.  Our overall advocacy aim is to show how mitigation is critical, but that adaptation can not be ignored as cc impacts are already affecting people on the ground.  We have formulated 10 positions on CC and Water that is being circulated widely as a possible basis for civil society’s strategic planning around what it can do about cc and water issues.

Expertise: action research on water and climate change, community based water adaptation, highlighting water’s centrality to CC impacts  

Affiliation: Climate Justice Now!

Languages: English and isiZulu 

Contact: +27 (0)72 463 8854


Tony Clarke – Canada

Executive director, Polaris Institute

Expertise: climate justice policies; tar sands in Canada; climate & water issues; corporations and the UN; collapse of Kyoto; the road to Rio+20.

Language: English

Contact: tclarke@polarisinstitute.org    


Anne Wanjiku Maina — Kenya 

Anne Wanjiku Maina is the Advocacy Coordinator for African Biodiversity Network (ABN). The ABN is a network comprising 36 members and partners ranging from small community-based organisations (CBOs) to large coalitions of CBOs and non-government organisations (NGOs), drawn from twelve African countries. ABN supports Africans to voice their views on biodiversity related issues such as genetic engineering, agrofuels, environmental protection, and the rights of small farmers, and to harness the capacity of local communities and civil society to deal with these issues, from the community level upwards. 

ABN members and partners are working to pioneer and develop methodologies to nurture local solutions to African challenges, and receive support from the network to develop this work in their own countries as well as replicate them in other countries or regions. Examples include the rehabilitation of degraded areas, the formation of community governance institutions to protect and sustainably manage territory, and the revival of traditional practices that enhance seed diversity, food sovereignty and biodiversity protection.

            Languages: English and Kiswahili

            Contact: +27 (0)84.928.0367 



Labor Issues and Climate Change


Donald Lafleur–Canada 

Affiliations: Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW – STTP); Member of Canadian Labour Congress’ Environment Committee

Languages: French and English



Roger Rashi–Canada

Roger Roshi is the Campaigns Coordinator at Alternatives in Montreal, Canada, and a frequent lecturer at union and community meetings in Quebec.

Expertise:  climate justice, international relations and global justice issues.    

Languages: French and English



Recycling/ Waste Pickers/ Anti-Incineration

Mariel Vilella is the contact person for all of the people listed in this category: +27 (0)72.389.2522

Mariel Vilella is the Climate Policy campaigner for GAIA, the Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance, and works in coordination with the global wastepickers movement.  For the last 10 years she has specialised in environmental justice research and campaign coordination, notably in genetics, food sovereignty, and climate justice and European carbon trading.  At the moment, GAIA’s campaign on climate and waste issues is focused on stopping the Clean Development Mechanism’ support to waste-to-energy projects and ensuring appropriate support for waste pickers communities.

Expertise: Environmental justice, climate justice, GMOs, waste management, CDM

Affiliations:  Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternative (GAIA), Global Alliance of Wastepickers and Allies

Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan


Ms. Suman More — India

Suman More is a leader of a 6000-member waste pickers’ union (KKPKP) in Pune, India. They have been fighting against “waste-to-energy” projects which are billed as renewable energy and supported by the CDM; these projects burn waste which the waste pickers were previously recycling, aggravating their poverty and increasing emissions. KKPKP has also set up alternative waste management methods that reduce emissions and generate more employment.

Expertise: Waste management in developing countries, waste pickers

Affiliations: Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat, Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

Languages: Marathi, Hindi (translation to English available)


Ms. Sushila Sable — India

Sushila Sable is a leader of Stree Mukti Sanghatana, a women’s rights organization working with wastepickers in Mumbai, India. They have successfully implemented a separate collection and waste management system which uses biogas to generate energy from organics while maximizing recycling.

            Expertise: Recycling, biogas, waste pickers

            Affiliations: Stree Mukti Sanghatana, Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

            Languages:  Marathi, Hindi (translation to English available)


Eduardo (Dudu) Ferreira — Brazil

Eduardo Ferreira is the national president of the national recyclers (catadores) movement in Brazil, with 850,000 members. The movement has been fighting against CDM-backed waste-to-energy projects which take away their livelihoods and burn recyclable materials.

Expertise: Recycling, organizing, mass movements, waste pickers 

Affiliations: Movimento Nacional dos Catadores de Materiais Reciclaveis, Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

Languages: Portuguese (translation to English available)


Marlén Chacón — Costa Rica

Marlén Chacón is a national leader of the recyclers of Costa Rica and has been instrumental in organizing the continent-wide grouping of Latin American Recyclers. She has been actively following the climate change negotiations for several years and is currently engaged in a battle to stop Costa Rica’s first waste incinerator, which would increase GHG emissions and toxic pollution while reducing recycling rates.

Expertise: Recycling, organizing, mass movements, waste pickers

Affiliations: Red Latinoamericana de Recicladores, Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

Languages: Spanish (translation to English available)


Mr. Aliou Faye — Senegal

Aliou Faye is a leader of the waste pickers at M’beussbeuss, Senegal’s largest dumpsite. They are being threatened with displacement by a World Bank/CDM project which aims to reclaim gas from the dump, but would leave them homeless and without work.

            Expertise: Recycling, waste pickers

            Affiliations: Bokk Diomm, Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

            Languages: Wolof, French (translation to English available)


Mr. Harouna Niasse — Senegal

Harouna Niasse has worked with the waste pickers of M’beussbeuss for many years, helping them organize, improve their working and living conditions and providing them information about the plans of the government, the World Bank and the CDM.

            Expertise: Waste pickers, World Bank, CDM, landfill gas

            Affiliations: ENDA, Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

            Languages: Wolof, French


Neil Tangri — US

Neil Tangri works on GAIA’s waste and climate change campaign.  A founding member of GAIA and formerly with Essential Action, he has also worked as a community organizer; as a media advocate, training grassroots activists in press relations; as a researcher, documenting urban environmental problems and their causes in India. He is based in GAIA’s Berkeley, U.S. office.

Expertise: waste issues, climate justice, Clean Development Mechanism, Green Climate Fund and climate finance.

Affiliations: Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternative (GAIA), Global Alliance of Wastepickers and Allies

Languages: English, Hindi, Spanish



La Via Campesina Small Farmers & Peasants Movement

To arrange interviews with members of the La Via Campesina delegation, contact: Boaventura Monjane +27 (0)73 650 9229 


Additional New Speakers:


Clemente G. Bautista Jr

National Coordinator of Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment, a national alliance of environmental and sectoral organizations in the Philippines. He is the current regional coordinator of OilWatch Southeast Asia a regional network of Asian organizations opposing extraction and exploitation of fossil fuel resources n Southeast Asia.

Expertise: social movements, mining and fossil fuel extraction, Philippine environment issues

Affiliation: OilWatch Southeast Asia, People’s Action on Climate Change (PACC), Mines and Communities (MAC), International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS), Climate Justice Now

Language: English

Contact: +27 (0)792870936

Jacqui Patterson–USA

Jacqui Patterson is the Director of Environmental and Climate Justice at the NAACP, Jacqui Patterson, MSW, MPH, has served as a trainer, organizer, researcher, program manager, and policy analyst on international and domestic issues and social justice movements with organizations including Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Baltimore City Healthy Start, IMA World Health, United for a Fair Economy, ActionAid, Health GAP, and the organization she co-founded, Women of Color United.  She also currently serves on the Board of Directors for the US Climate Action Network and the Institute of the Black World and on Steering Committees for the ATHENA Network and the Grandmothers Project International.

Expertise: Racial Justice, Gender Justice, Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Environmental and Climate Justice, Economic Justice

Affiliations: Civil society member

Languages: English

Durban Phone # 27 81 515 9697


Dale Wen – China

Dr. Dale Jiajun Wen has focused on sustainable development issues for more than a decade. She received her PhD at California Institute of Technology (Caltech), has worked closely with organisations such as Third World Network, South Center and the International Forum on Globalization, and is currently based in Germany. In 2005, she published a short book “China Copes with Globalization: a Mixed Review”, which examined the environmental and social
impacts of China’s breakneck industrialization and surveyed alternative voices in the Chinese scene, including the environmental movement, rural reconstruction movement and the new left. Her current research focus includes sustainable agriculture, climate change, trade and other
globalization related issues. She was a coordinate lead author for the International Assessment of
Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD), called by some the IPCC of agriculture.

Over the last few years Dr Wen has followed the international climate negotiations closely, and has substantial insights to the Chinese government’s reasoning and policy making as well as to what is happening on the ground in China – both in terms of climate action as well as the effects of the current development trajectory. Through her independent position Dr Wen is well placed to pursue a nuanced and well-informed analysis of both merits and problems with the current Chinese policies on climate and development. She has also done work on the US vs. China dynamics in both climate and trade issues.

Expertise: China, sustainable agriculture, climate change, social movements and alternative voices in China, US vs China relation

Affiliations: Civil society member 

Languages:  English, Chinese 

Durban Phone # 785517515  0785517515


Kjell Kühne – Germany

Expertise: REDD+, Zero Emissions Plans, Leaving Fossil Fuels in the Ground, Children and Youth Climate Movements, Climate Literacy

Affiliations: Plant-for-the-Planet

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese

Contact: +27 (0)79-3726067


susann scherbarth, FoEI from FoE Europe.

Expertise: EU and KP.

Contact: +27 727826539


Assad Rehman, Friends of the Earth

Expertise: big picture – KP and EU

Contact: 004477201 47280


Teresa Anderson

Expertise: soil carbon issues

Contact: 0741 838 955 <teresa@gaianet.org>‬