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Mapuche woman protests GE trees over their potentially devastating impacts on Indigenous Peoples’ land, water and culture.

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Global Justice Ecology Project’s mission is understanding, exposing and addressing the deep interconnections between ecological destruction, social injustice and economic domination.

Protecting forests and other ecosystems, including defending the rights of the Indigenous Peoples and other communities that depend on them, fighting systemic racism, and challenging corporate power is central to our work.

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Today GJEP is coordinating a major effort to protect wild forests from genetically engineered (GE) trees. We have mobilized historic opposition to the genetically engineered Darling 58 (D58) tree, with more than 109 organizations representing millions of members and over 120,000 people registering opposition to the petition requesting permission to release it into forests without regulation or monitoring.

The response by people and groups opposing this GE tree has also been unprecedented.

Forest ecosystems are threatened with unpredictable impacts from these GE trees that have the potential to live upwards of 200 years.  Indigenous Peoples’ self-determination is threatened by the potential unmonitored spread of these GE trees, as is the livelihoods of farmers if their non-GMO orchards of chestnuts are contaminated by them.

The precedent set if these trees were approved, however, goes far beyond US forests and communities. If the D58 GE tree is approved, it will open the door to GE trees designed specifically for use in industrial GE tree plantations all over the globe–across South America, Africa and Asia, and even the US South and Pacific Northwest.

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We are also continuing our work in solidarity with Mapuche Peoples and environmental justice organizations in Chile. These groups just experienced an historic victory when an overwhelming majority of the population voted to rewrite the country’s Constitution–a Constitution created under the brutal military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. 

GJEP spent a month in Chile last November documenting and meeting with organizers involved with the Peoples Uprising that began in October 2019 to demand systemic change, and a new Constitution. In October 2020, 80% of Chile’s population voted in favor of rewriting the existing Constitution that was written during the bloody Pinochet dictatorship.  Our solidarity work with social movements and Indigenous Mapuche communities continues.

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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, while people have been locked down, business as usual has continued, with the world’s elite using COVID-19 as an opportunity to flaunt environmental and health regulations and dismantle civil liberties. We have been researching these links, and the links between COVID-19 and environmental destruction, compiling it in an online repository.

I encourage you to sign up for our website posts to get this information in your inbox. You can use and share these resources to help spread awareness of the roots of the pandemic, the history of opposition to systemic racism in the US, and the global efforts to protect wild forests in solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples who call them home.

By developing this understanding of the deep interconnections of these issues, we can come together and develop next steps toward a new socially and ecologically just future. Join Global Justice Ecology Project as we help create this new future.

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