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November 28, 2019–Mapuche land occupation at Liempi Colipi near Curacautin, Chile.

GJEP and our partners Biofuelwatch and RADA were with this community after it was attacked that morning by the National Police. They attacked the Mapuches when they re-occupied their ancestral lands after requests to receive official land title had been ignored by the state for years. This young man had been shot in the head by rubber-coated metal pellets that morning. Our interview with him is below. Photo: Langelle/ GJEP

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Translation of statement: “We want to make a public statement to the Chilean territory, to Mapuche people, to the whole country, to inform about this situation where riot policemen have done things here in the Liempi Colipi community, in the district of Curacautín, La Araucanía region. They have entered the community today-the riot policemen-without any previous dialogue, any eviction order. When we reached them to have a conversation, they started shooting tear gas canisters. They started shooting at us, and the one that hit me was fired from no more than fifteen meters away. So, we make a public statement for you to be aware of this. There are more injured peñis, on their arms, on their stomach, in their tummy. So, we encourage you to pay attention to this, to be prepared because the riot police officers are coming after us again. Marichiweu! (We shall win a hundred times in Mapudungun)”