Despacho 505: Another indigenous person is murdered in the Caribbean in less than a week

The article “Another indigenous person is murdered in the Caribbean in less than a week” by Despacho 505 was published July 6, 2023 on the Despacho 505 website

The article, written in Spanish, reported that the Center for Legal Assistance to Indigenous Peoples (Calpi) counts at least nine murders of indigenous people in 2023 in the Mayangnas territories in Bosawas.

The article, including further information on the murders, can be read in full on the Despacho 505 website

According to the article, in less than a week two indigenous people were killed by armed settlers in the Mayangna Suani territory, in the North Caribbean of Nicaragua.

The article reported that on July 5, 2023 23-year-old Serato Juwith Charly was murdered while working on land near the Kauhmakwas community. According to the article, Juwith Charly was doing artisanal mining with other indigenous people when they were surprised by members of the armed gang known as “Chabelo” who shot at them.

The article also reported that on July 2, 2023, a 42-year-old community judge and forest ranger Sergio Julián Juan (SJJ) were attacked between the communities of Musawas and Betlehem by settlers encroaching on indigenous lands. Sergio Julián died on July 5 from his injuries and the judge managed to escape.