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Tadzio Müller via RosaLux.de

Tadzio Müller with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation recently published a piece on the UN climate summit in Paris is certainly important. Müller points out “that an agreement in Paris is unlikely to include a number of urgently needed policies, and may instead constitute a shift in a disastrous direction.”
Müller also offers what the climate summit should deliver:
  • Global average temperatures are capped at an increase of 1.5-degrees Celsius.
  • An end to the role of market mechanisms in climate.
  • Recognition of peasant agriculture, food sovereignty and agroecology instead of “climate-smart” agriculture.
  • 80 per cent of fossil fuel reserves will be left in the ground.
  • Just transitions for the post-fossil age.
  • A clever compromise to pay for the deal:Müller imagines, “the parties negotiate the following clever compromise during the last night of the Paris Summit: the North accepts the principle of ecological debt and its responsibility for the financial loss and damage caused by climate change. In return, the Global South forgoes raising specific financial demands for the time being, and agrees to the establishment of a bipartite
    committee of experts.”

Read the entire article here.