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Climate JusticePhoto: Langelle/GJEP

Dear friends,

Have you heard enough about climate change? Do you agree that its time for action?

Are you ready to join thousands of others in risking arrest to protect people and ecosystems around the globe from the catastrophic impacts of climate chaos?

If so, then we are asking you to take a stand.
Join the Climate Pledge of Resistance (CPR for the Planet)

And pledge to perform nonviolent civil disobedience and risk arrest in order to push politicians to make the right climate change choices.

Together, we will create the largest movement for civil disobedience to stop climate change in history.

You can learn more at: BeyondTalk.net

If you are unable to get arrested, then you can also pledge to support CPR for the Planet, or give action offsets to help someone else receiving training or legal support. We are planning for a full activation effort on November 30th, just one week before the December UN climate meetings in Copenhagen where the world’s leaders will attempt to create a global deal on climate change.

Together, we can tell them to end climate change once and for all. Won’t you join us?

See you in the streets!

The Climate CPR Initiators:
Alliance of Community Trainers
Center for the Working Poor
Global Justice Ecology Project
Indigenous Environmental Network
Mobilization for Climate Justice West
Rainforest Action Network
Ruckus Society
Yes Men

Groups wishing to Endorse: contact@beyondtalk.net