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Friday 12 December 2008

Poznan, Poland – Members of the Climate Justice Now! Network -representing over 160 organisations fighting for climate justice -issued today (Friday 12 December) a joint statement calling for a radical change in direction to put climate justice and people’s rights at the centre of the UNFCCC negotiations.

The statement asserts that: “Solutions to the climate crisis will not come from industrialised countries and big business. Effective and enduring solutions will come from those who have protected the environment – Indigenous Peoples, women, peasant and family farmers, fisherfolk, forest dependent communities, youth and marginalised and affected communities in the global South and North.”

Alicia Munoz from Via Campesina in Chile stated, “We are shocked by the level of corruption that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has reached in allowing corporations to take over the political space and process of climate negotiations.”

Munoz continued, “Instead of tackling climate change in Poznan they are discussing how to create business opportunities while we face a global disaster.”

Ana Filippini from the Uruguayan organization World Rainforest Movement added, “The UNFCCC is peddling market driven solutions for climate change. Private investors are circling the talks like vultures, swooping in on every opportunity for creating new profits.”

Filippini added, “Local livelihoods are given little consideration and even actively undermined in many of the countries where the Clean Development Mechanism projects are implemented.”

According to North American-based, Indigenous Environmental Network representative, Ben Powless, “Indigenous Peoples have the most at stake in these negotiations, as well as the most to offer to terms of solutions, but they have been systematically excluded.”

Anne Peterman, the spokesperson for the Global Justice Ecology Project, concluded, “In the lead-up to the 2009 15th Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen and beyond, the Climate Justice Now! Network will continue to monitor governments and to mobilise social forces from the south and the north to achieve climate justice.”

For more information, please contact:
Nicola Bullard, Focus on the Global South: +48-78-577-9886/+66819875011, <mailto:n.bullard@focusweb.org>
Michael Dorsey, Durban Group for Climate Justice:  +48-78-526-7098/+1734-9456424, <mailto:mkdorsey@professordorsey.com>

The CJN Poznan statement can be seen at: