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Photo: Orin Langelle/ photolangelle.org

Chief Arvol Looking Horse:

There is a Lakota prophecy that says there will be a great black snake that will run through the land and bring destruction to the people and to the earth. Native people from all across the United States are gathering peacefully to protect the earth and water from that black snake, which is the Dakota Access Pipeline.

As of last count, the camp at Standing Rock included over 15,000 people. More than 300 flags of different indigenous nations are flying there. The camp is a peaceful and prayerful camp where people join together in ceremony and prayer every day. They are Water Protectors.

On December 5th, a delegation of more than 2,000 military veterans is expected to join the camp to help defend the water protectors from attacks by the National Guard and police in anticipation of a forced eviction following a decision by the Army Corps of Engineers that makes staying on the land of the camp illegal.

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