Malvinas, Argentina Stops Monsanto Through Direct Action

Argentina: ‘If  We Can Stop Monsanto, We Can Change The World’ Written by Marina Sitrin, 2 March, 2015 UpsideDown World What began with a few neighbors meeting to find out what it would mean if Monsanto located in… Read More

NEW VIDEOS posted of CTNBio Disruption and FuturaGene Occupation

On the morning of 5 March 2015, 1,000 women took over operations of genetically engineered tree company Futuragene in Brazil. The action included the destruction of GE eucalyptus seedlings. On the same morning, 300 peasants took over the building where CTNBio… Read More

BRAZIL: CTNBio Meeting Cancelled! Futuragene Occupied! Watch the Videos

Videos of the CTNBio meeting disruption as well as the occupation of Futuragene by 1,000 women can be viewed here. . On 5 March 300 peasants took over the building where CTNBio was meeting to decide about whether to approve GE… Read More

Actions Globally Call on Brazil to Reject GMO Trees

Action against GE trees at the Brazilian Embassy in New Zealand (Aotearoa) On 3 March 2015, organizations on four continents took action at Brazilian consulates and embassies as part of the Emergency Global Day of Action to STOP… Read More

Report backs from the Emergency Global Day of Action on GE Trees

Activists at the Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa take part in the Emergency Global Day of Action Against GE Trees. For more photos and reports from actions around the world, click here

TUESDAY 3 March: Emergency Day of Action to STOP GE Trees!

At the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate near you! See below for list of US locations and how you can take part. Take action in solidarity with Brazilian social movements and organizations to stop the legalization of socially and ecologically… Read More

ACTION ALERT: Tell the Dept of Energy NO GMO Trees for bioenergy!

Submit Comments to the Department of Energy before March 17th, 2015 Tell the Department of Energy: No Genetically Engineered Trees or Crops for Biofuels in the Southeast! The Department of Energy (DOE) has released a Programmatic draft Environmental Impact Statement… Read More

300 scientists warn about safety of GMOs

Following GMO apple approval, consumer watchdog groups highlight need for accurate media coverage on GMO science, point to lack of scientific consensus on safety of GMOs WASHINGTON, D.C. – On the heels of USDA deregulation of the Arctic® apple — the… Read More

Decolonizing Bolivia’s History of Indigenous Resistance

In the article “Decolonizing Bolivia’s History of Indigenous Resistance,” GJEP friend and ally Ben Dangl interviews Elisa Vega Sillo, Director of the Depatriarchalization Unit in the Vice Ministry of Decolonization in Bolivia about the importance of decolonizing Bolivia’s history of indigenous… Read More

Legacy of violence over land continues in Brazil 10 years after killing of Dorothy Stang

From our friends at PLANT 12 Feb 2015 – 10th Anniversary of Assassination of  Sr. Dorothy Stang February 12, 2015, marked 10 years since the assassination of Sister Dorothy Stang, one of the hundreds of victims of land conflict… Read More